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Sonakshi Sinha’s brand SOEZI launches on Amazon Beauty

Sonakshi Sinha’s brand SOEZI launches on Amazon Beauty


Sonakshi Sinha’s brand SOEZI launches on Amazon Beauty

Established by Bollywood actor Sonakshi Sinha and lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Srishti Raai, SOEZI will give you the best of both worlds.

“In the simplest way, I would describe SOEZI and Amazon Beauty to solve everyday beauty problems.” says co-founder, Sonakshi Sinha, further mentioning, “We started the brand to give the customers a quick-fix for their nails, and deliver quality press-on nails at their doorstep. We are thrilled to launch on Amazon Beauty ahead of the festive season. It will give us the opportunity to widen our reach and have SOEZI products accessible pan-India.” 

A devout to great nails and fashion, Raai faced the trouble of going to salons with a busy schedule. The pandemic further coupled up this problem, which called for innovation in the beauty spectrum. Bringing a solution to the huge gap in the beauty industry, press-on nails brand SOEZI ticks all the requirements of an authentic Indian beauty brand. Raai quotes the problems of press-ons she experienced in India, “Typically, users are torn between quality, price and feasibility.” 

SOEZI tries to eliminate problems the modern Indian woman faces daily, “It is not just a product but a full experience that empowers you,” Raai mentions. Innovating products through its techniques and keeping it glamorous through its collections, Raai is making the nail game SOEZI for all of us by focusing not only on glam nails, but also on fab nail health through SOEZI’s products. SOEZI retains the health of your natural tips, with formulas that nourish it as well! Taking her venture a step ahead, she is launching the awaited beauty brand on none other than Amazon Beauty.

“We are thrilled to associate with SOEZI, a range of press-on nails by Sonakshi Sinha & Srishti Raai’ on Amazon Beauty. This is a first-of-its-kind launch and is in line with our vision to transform the way India shops beauty,” Saurabh Srivastava, Director and Head, Amazon Fashion India said. “Ahead of the festive season, we are sure this will help us cater to quick, last-minute hassle-free, ready-to-wear stylish demands of our customers as they prepare for the festivities. The styles are fashionable, festive, bold, fun and will surely be a hit among our customers,” he added.

Crafting a win-win situation, by linking SOEZI with an untapped market, it aspires to advance and supplement Amazon’s nail moment by adding to its value. Being the all-time genius in understanding how to reach the correct audience through the right logistics and acquisition, also provides a great amount of exposure for SOEZI, creating a scenario of mutual growth for both brands. The collaboration thus leads SOEZI to the right audience, who love a little self-care session with your nails. 

While Amazon Beauty has a grip on providing the best of products to even the most remotely residing customers, SOEZI is a first-mover in such a niche category. Amazon Beauty also has robust customer service and has made a mark with their A+ content, which creates an ideal cross-transaction for both brands. 

Raai has an optimistic approach towards the future of SOEZI, “Maybe soon our customer needs and the market will take us further than nails, but for now we are here to nail our press-on & nail focused game.”

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