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ConveGenius EdTech campaign targeted at 100million Indian students

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ConveGenius EdTech campaign targeted at 100million Indian students

ConveGenius EdTech campaign targeted at 100million Indian students

COVID19 pandemic has disrupted delivery of education and accelerated the adoption of technology as an end-to-end medium. While the schools remain closed, learning goes on with online classrooms and virtual learning as the new normal across the country. However, the lack of resources puts students from low-income groups at a real disadvantage. To address some of these issues, an Edtech social enterprise, ConveGenius has now partnered with the State Governments of Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Goa to launch an expansive PAN India campaign #EdtechforNayaBharat.

Through this campaign, ConveGenius will provide high-quality education and essential resources to the 100 million students at the bottom of the education funnel. It will also work with corporates, NGOs, and affordable private schools to offer personalised and adaptive learning methods with easy access.

Jairaj Bhattacharya, Co-founder ConveGenius said “The campaign will impact the lives of a vast segment of the under-served population by providing them with the benefits of internet technology and innovation to boost their learning process so they can compete with their privileged counterparts through equal resources. We at ConveGenius, are wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring the education revolution for each and every student in the country.”

ConveGenius is a pres note said, this hardware and connectivity agnostic platform #EdTechforNayaBharat is highly scalable with the lowest cost-per-student model addressing the mass market. It is also available in 9 vernacular languages and caters to 20+ curriculum followed by different schools and learning centres for quick and reliable execution.

Though, India is the second-largest country with overall 560 million internet users, The availability of internet resources for financially backward students is way lesser than we could imagine. Yearning to empower the national skilling framework, ConveGenius will strengthen 100 million students understanding of core subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, etc. It will also focus on emerging technology fields such as AI, Big Data, ML, etc. to support a globally committed workforce of the future.

Shashank Pandey, Co-founder of ConveGenius, said “ConveGenius seeks to close the gap in educational achievement for children and youth in India through several impact-driven programs, affordable and scalable technology, and data-led innovation in education. In the long term, we plan to assist students financially by leveraging their learning data to provide them with scholarships and education loans. We will also provide skill and career assistance to students by integrating relevant vocational/skilling opportunities on the platform. The organisation is dedicated to nurturing the foundation of skilled professionals who are based in India yet prepared to take on the world,”

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