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Edtech Solution From Punjab Now Popular In 19 Countries

Edtech Solution From Punjab Now Popular In 19 Countries


Edtech Solution From Punjab Now Popular In 19 Countries

TCY, an EdTech company from Punjab, is breaking all barriers in helping English learners across 19 countries. Interestingly, many of these learners belong to countries where the native language itself is English. Operating from Ludhiana, the company touches base in places like Auckland, Sydney, Dubai.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Countries like Israel, saddled with seemingly insurmountable constraints of land and water resources, have delivered miracles in agriculture, using technologies like drip irrigation, and have made all realize the infinite capacity of human enterprise. TCY’s story is no different. It started operations from Punjab, the land of highly enterprising & resourceful people, who can be and are very successful wherever they go in any corner of the world, but who feel handicapped in learning English language, particularly in fluency of spoken or written English.

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TCY team took up the challenge with a missionary zeal and steadily solved one problem after the other. Innovative technologies like Smart Books, Remedial Testing, AI Evaluations, AI-Assisted Fluency training, etc. came out of this innovative thinking and set benchmarks for language learning in the sector. Although there already were around 1,500 coaching centres across India running on TCY platform, persistent approaches from such centres in other countries to train their students was a pleasant surprise. There are now over 125 overseas centres running on this platform, and the number keeps growing.

For any coaching centre, training students for English language tests can be a highly resource-intensive job. This usually requires a team of expert teachers, armed with and assisted by standardized assessments, artificially intelligent evaluators, and personalization algorithms to enhance language skills, all within the confines of an institute often working against a time constraint. The institute may have some excellent teachers, but their full potential remains untapped in the absence of such critical inputs.

This is the problem that entrepreneurs, Kamal Wadhera and Rajesh Wadhera, wanted to solve for the institutes. The company they set up takes care of such critical inputs as smart-books, practice and mock tests on simulated test interface, student app, AI evaluation, personalized remedial practice, and teacher reports. The teachers are now free to do what they are best at: mentoring students, supported by these resources. The popularity of the program soon found wings to cross geographical boundaries to reach 19 countries, including English-speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

The passion – to change for the better how people learned English – attracted like-minded experts to the research team. Today the company boasts of an eclectic team of 350+, with members drawn from across India, working in IT, Classroom Training, Academic Research, and Content Development.

The company’s vision to invest in R&D, when the industry trend was to invest in marketing and hype, paved the way for rapid touch-less growth. Its experience in English Training Classrooms provided it the ability to understand the requirements of all the stakeholders to a depth that many of the current technology companies may not have. Creating a product that sells itself helped the company to reach out to prospective clients across nations through phone and email. The moment an institute watches a demo run provided online, it rarely misses the opportunity to get on board, considering the proposition worth investing in. The on boarding process is as simple as that!

The company is already on the verge of doubling its student base this year compared to last year and is attracting some of the best talent from across India.

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