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Elanpro expands product range with new launches



Elanpro expands product range with new launches

Reiterating its commitment to become the leading provider of end-to-end refrigeration solutions, ELANPRO, India’s tech driven commercial refrigeration company, today launched a new series of energy-efficient freezers, coolers and ice machines for foodservice industry. The new product line-up encapsulates ELANPRO’s vision to create an ecosystem of diverse cooling products catering to food and beverage businesses of different sizes. ELANPRO products can be seen in Hall no.11, Stall No. 5A at the 37th edition of AAHAR – an International Food & Hospitality Fair organized by India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from March 14-18, 2023.

Addressing the key challenges of space, utility, productivity and convenience faced by food and beverage outlet operators, the company has launched ten innovative, customer centric products and their variants. These products will assist Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Bar and retail f&B operators, improve productivity, increase profitability and reduce carbon footprint.

ELANPRO has launched fresh, fruit juice vending machines by Orna Fresh from Italy. The innovative, automatic juicing system uses advanced, patented technology and unique squeezing process for fruits such as oranges, pomegranate etc. A compact, hi-yielding product, Orna Fresh juicer guarantees highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness making it an ideal solution for outlets offering healthy and natural juice options.

ELANPRO’s exclusive showcase of retail refrigeration at AAHAR also includes breakthrough product such as ELANPRO FreeTop and Island Freezer. ELANPRO FreeTop is a unique combination of upright freezer and counter top. With a small footprint and portable, lightweight design, the product is a cost-effective solution designed to meet the impressive display needs. ELANPRO Island Freezer is a differentiated chest frezeer with six push and pull doors. The product is characteristic of industry exclusive design that saves energy. The new futuristic retail refrigeration range offers precise temperature control and greater storage capacity essential for hyperpaced ice-cream, dairy and frozen food market. These products are ideal for ice cream parlours, super markets, restaurants, delis, bakeries and convenience stores looking to expand their offerings display

Speaking about the new range, MR. SANJAY JAIN, DIRECTOR, ELANPRO, said, “We have relentlessly pushed our boundaries to bring innovative products. We are delighted to launch our new range of practical products, including those that are a result of our new partnerships. With summer approaching, our new range will empower our customers. “We strive to become the holistic industrial refrigeration solutions provider that uses industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to enhance customer experience”, he further added.

By extending presence in the most segments of food and beverage retail, delivery and cloud kitchen, ELANPRO is aggressively developing a well-rounded portfolio catering to every Indian customer aspiring to open a restaurant, café, ice-cream parlour, F&B retail outlet. Consisting of seven and three products for HoReCa and F&B retail respectively, the new line-up will enter the market in the coming season.

ELANPRO will also display its commitment to sustainability, with zero energy cost mobile freezers.  “We are thrilled to showcase our sustainable products at this year’s exhibition. This platform facilitates customer feedback that is important for customer-centric companies like Elanpro”, Mr. Jain added.

ELANPRO has been pioneering innovative technology and advanced features in commercial refrigeration industry. With a focus on quality and cutting-edge solutions, the company has helped businesses reduce their operating costs, improve their environmental impact, and streamline their refrigeration processes.

Established in 2009, Elanpro is an organization focusing on commercial refrigeration & food-service products in India. An organization trusted by the largest names in Hospitality, Retail and Pharma Industry, the company has a network of almost 700 channel partners in Key districts of India. Headquartered in Gurugram, the company has its corporate office in Bangalore.

Elanpro offers an international range of refrigeration and food-service solutions for hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream & beverage, food retail and the healthcare segments.

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