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Epsilon Carbon Achieves SA8000 Certification: A Milestone in Social Accountability and Worker Welfare

Epsilon Carbon Becomes First Indian Carbon Black Manufacturer to Achieve SA8000 Certification


Epsilon Carbon Achieves SA8000 Certification: A Milestone in Social Accountability and Worker Welfare

Epsilon Carbon Pvt. Ltd., a prominent name in the carbon industry, proudly announced its achievement of the prestigious SA8000 certification from Social Accountability International (SAI). This certification marks Epsilon Carbon as the first Indian carbon black manufacturer to receive such an honor, highlighting its exceptional commitment to social accountability and worker welfare.

Commitment to Ethical Business Practices

The SA8000 certification is a testament to Epsilon Carbon’s dedication to ethical business practices and the well-being of its workforce. The company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to improving the lives of over 1,800 workers and their families at its township located in Vijayanagar. This recognition underscores the company’s efforts to provide good housing, living standards, a clean environment, and fair wages that meet national standards, reflecting a profound dedication to economic fairness and social responsibility.

Community-Building and Worker Welfare

Epsilon Carbon goes beyond the basics of worker welfare by actively engaging in community-building activities that significantly benefit its employees and their families. Understanding the unique challenges faced by migrant workers, the company offers comprehensive logistic support to help them settle smoothly and access essential services when they move to Epsilon’s township. These initiatives foster a supportive and inclusive environment, ensuring that all workers feel valued and cared for.

Leadership’s Vision and Commitment

Vikram Handa, Managing Director of Epsilon Group, expressed pride in this significant achievement. He stated, “As a leader in the chemical industry, we are proud to receive the SA8000 certification. We recognize the importance of the well-being of our people at the workplace. The certification is a result of our consistent commitment to social accountability and the well-being of our employees across the organization. The SA8000 certification is our commitment to fair labour practices, respect for workers’ rights, and proactive community engagement thereby reflecting our continuous strive to make a positive impact.”

Pratish Koparkar, Chief Human Resource Officer of Epsilon Group, also emphasized the company’s employee-centric approach. He said, “We are an employee-centric organisation, and the SA 8000 certification is a result of our continuous endeavour to create a workplace where we prioritize our staff and workers’ well-being and rights. The achievement highlights our efforts to build a sustainable and inclusive environment to impact more than 6,000 lives including the workforce families. Some of the best practices include housing township, health center, child crèche, playground and many more facilities.”

The SA8000 Standard: A Benchmark for Social Accountability

The SA8000 Standard, developed by Social Accountability International (SAI), is the leading social certification program. It recognizes organizations that uphold the highest standards in social accountability and worker welfare. Epsilon Carbon’s attainment of the SA8000 certification is a significant milestone, reflecting its unwavering commitment to ethical practices and social responsibility.

A Culture of Respect and Continuous Improvement

Epsilon Carbon’s achievement is not merely a certification but a reflection of the company’s culture of respect, dignity, and continuous improvement. The company is devoted to enhancing the lives of its employees and their families, fostering a workplace environment that prioritizes fairness, rights, and well-being. This dedication is evident in the array of facilities and services provided to employees, including housing townships, health centers, child crèches, and playgrounds.


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