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India’s First Online Showroom for Carbon Black Will Blow Away Your Mind

Birla Carbon to participate at the Tire Technology Expo 2023


India’s First Online Showroom for Carbon Black Will Blow Away Your Mind

Before we move forward with this development, let’s first find out: what is carbon black? The ones who know it are brilliant people. Still, for the less-brilliant-among-us, carbon black is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of coal and coal tar and petroleum products, generally used in car tires and other rubber products. So if you have a motorbike or car, you probably are a user of this product.

This week, Birla Carbon, one of India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of this product, announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind carbon black virtual showroom. It would provide a Virtual Reality experience for the clients, showcasing the value and usage of carbon black – and that too through the lens of a Virtual Car.

The is the first of its kind online showroom in the industry, which takes you on a virtual tour of the intricate uses of each part of a car and explains how carbon black can make a difference to the solutions it is part of – all of it in an interesting immersive way. Birla Carbon is aiming to be a one-stop shop experience for the entire value chain of carbon black solutions.

John Davidson, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Birla Carbon, told the media: “All around us, the pace of change has accelerated in recent years. The adoption of digital tools has been fast, representing an opportunity to improve things. As part of our innovation journey, we identified a need to easily help people find carbon black information in its many application spaces.”

He was sure that this virtual showroom would do its job of explaining the nuances of the product to the clients. “This showroom will go into the depths of an automotive vehicle and drill down to the specific applications and benefits of carbon black. Exploring the various parts of the showroom will give you an engaging experience in understanding key components in which carbon black is effectively used,” he said.

The launch will mark Birla Carbon’s foray into digital innovation to share knowledge, experiential access to learnings, and understanding of carbon black solutions based on end application needs.

The virtual showroom consists of six categories – Mechanical Rubber Goods (MRG), Coatings, Inks, Niche, Plastics, and Tires. Each category provides further information about the true value of carbon black in these applications. It provides details on their performance attributes, benefits, and alternate solutions. You can visit this virtual showroom at this link:

The virtual showroom can be accessed using the URL –

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