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Work from home initiative for women gaining traction

Work from home initiative for women gaining traction- mybigplunge


Work from home initiative for women gaining traction

The work from home option for women is gaining more and more traction with the latest big venture to consider it is the State Bank of India (SBI) as they look towards retention of women staff. Reports say that SBI is all set to chalk out plans, regarding offering work from home option to its female employees.

There are approximately 45,000 women working with the SBI. The bank is currently checking the technological feasibility of the option and what are the functions that could be performed without interruption.

According to Prepsure reports, the option to work from home is being planned to retain the retention of women staff. Earlier, ICICI started the work from home option, making it easier for women, to manage home as well as job.

The step came into prominence in March 2016 on International Women’s Day, when Chanda Kochhar, the managing director and chief executive officer of ICICI Bank launched ‘iWork@home’ for women employees. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, contributed in developing the technology platform for the ICICI Bank.

According to iWork initiative, women employees should be allowed to work from home for up to a year. It also allows the home option to get extended for more than one year, based on the requirements of the employee.

Over 50 women have been made part of this system and more than 100 requests have been received for this. There has also been an increase in productivity where women have been enabled to work from home.

The first of its kind initiative for women replicates the work environment at home by giving its employees an access to work applications in a safe and secure manner. The other initiative aids those women who travel on business, by covering the travel and stay of young children and their caregivers.

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