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Assetmonk Unveils a Women’s Only Initiative: WISE WOMEN & WEALTH

Assetmonk Unveils WISE WOMEN & WEALTH Initiative


Assetmonk Unveils a Women’s Only Initiative: WISE WOMEN & WEALTH

Assetmonk, a leading alternative investment platform, is proud to announce its latest initiative, “Wise Women & Wealth,” launched in celebration of International Women’s Day. This initiative aims to empower women investors with exclusive wealth-building strategies and product benefits, furthering Assetmonk’s commitment to creating an inclusive investment space for financial well-being.

As part of the initiative, Assetmonk is launching a dedicated knowledge-sharing series to empower female investors from diverse backgrounds. The series will feature experts from Assetmonk discussing financial planning, portfolio growth, and alternative investments. Additionally, investors will share their inspiring stories of discovering and succeeding in the alternative investment space.

To maximize the impact of “Wise Women & Wealth,” Assetmonk has curated a new investment product focused on sustainability, exclusively available to women. This exclusive opportunity offers a significantly reduced ticket size, marked down by 80% from the standard rate. This offer is valid from 8th March to 20th March, allowing women to access this unique investment opportunity at a reduced cost.

To complement the launch of the new investment product, Assetmonk is hosting a series of webinars starting 9th March. These webinars will cover wealth-building strategies tailored to women, highlighting portfolio growth and investment opportunities in the alternative real estate sector.

Smriti Grover, Regional Head of Investments at Assetmonk, expressed her excitement about the initiative, stating, “Assetmonk is committed to creating an inclusive investment landscape accessible to all. We have seen a growing interest and capability among women to manage and grow their wealth. Wise Women & Wealth is our effort to invite more women to explore the world of alternative real estate investments and achieve financial success.”

Prudhvi Reddy, Founder & CEO of Assetmonk, commented, “We are thrilled to launch Wise Women & Wealth, reflecting our commitment to empowering women investors. By offering exclusive benefits and opportunities, we aim to make the alternative investments sector more inclusive and accessible to all. This initiative is another step towards our goal of fostering financial prosperity and an inclusive society.”

The curated investment product offered as part of Wise Women & Wealth will raise funds for a company establishing world-class public charging hubs with fast chargers across major highways in India’s southern corridor. With the electric vehicle industry in India experiencing rapid growth, this investment opportunity allows investors to participate in the industry’s expansion and potentially earn high returns.

Assetmonk invites women investors to join Wise Women & Wealth and embark on a journey towards financial empowerment and prosperity.

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