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7 Famous Sports in The World

7 Top World Sports


7 Famous Sports in The World

Sports are not only enjoyed by playing, but millions of people also love watching their favourite sports at home too.Some people have entire careers based on a sport, and others play to stay fit. Every country has their own favourite sport, and then there are games which are enjoyed all over the world. Fans follow their favourite players on social media and keep track of their teams and scores through different mobile applications, sports channels and famous television networks like CBS Sports.

Today, we are going to share with you the most famous sports in the world:


The history of football can be traced back to over a 100 years, the earliest games of football were played in England in 1863, and that is where the world’s first football association was formed. It is safe to say that football with an estimated 3.5 billion fans is the most famous sport in the world today. Football has gained fame due to its competitive nature and has triggered the interest of people mostly living in Asia, Africa, Asia and America.


Cricket follows as the second most famous sport in the world with an estimated 2.5 billion fans. Cricket has its origins in England; it travelled to other parts of the world through British Colonization in the 20th century. Since then cricket has been a valued sport to people living in Asia, United Kingdom and Australia.

Field Hockey

While it seems football and cricket have all the fans in the world, a surprising number of 2 billion people watch field hockey. The game is known to have originated in England, Scotland, Netherlands and France. The game has 11 players in it and is played with a stick which is according to the height of the player. Field Hockey is mostly played in parts of Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.


Volleyball is played by a team of 6 players and has greatly evolved over the years. Volleyball has a fan following of around 900 million people and is played and watched in many parts of the world.

Basket Ball

James Naismith from Canada invented basketball as a sport which would lead to lesser injuries compared to football. With 400 million fans, Basket Ball today is a renowned sport mostly played in America. Similar to other sports, fans follow scores, news and stats on Basketball mobile applications, news channels and social platforms.


Baseball is played only in a few countries as an actual sport. However, it still fetches a global fan following of 500 million. The origins of Baseball are questionable; the game is known to have different names before the name Baseball got famous around the world. The game is mostly played in the US and Japan.


Golf has to be a favourite past time if not the most favourite sport. The game originated in the 15th century and was played with pebbles rather than a ball. The essence of the game was the same though, i.e. to aim toward a hole or opening of dome sort (in the older times). The game today has 450 million fans and is played as a sport in Europe, Asia, America, and Canada.

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