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Covid Crisis: How CrelioHealth helped diagnostic labs ramp up testing and report delivery

Covid Crisis- How CrelioHealth helped diagnostic labs ramp up testing and report delivery


Covid Crisis: How CrelioHealth helped diagnostic labs ramp up testing and report delivery

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted healthcare systems across the world. With increasing demand for medical attention and low manpower, institutions are struggling to provide critical healthcare services in India. Several cases of report mixups have been registered due to manual collection and usually there is a high turnaround time for sample processing. With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, faster testing and report delivery is the need of the hour. During these unprecedented times, several brands have stepped forward to help tackle the pandemic. One such notable brand being CrelioHealth.

With their COVID Booking & Automation platform, they have created a unique solution that allows users to book appointments and request home collections. The platform enables Diagnostic Labs to scale the number of collection points, online booking for sample collection from home, automated COVID-19 sample processing and share reports through WhatsApp and email. CrelioHealth’s COVID-19 LIMS setup enables over 1500 labs from all over the world to provide contactless and paper-free services to patients. The company has contributed in several government and private projects such as onboarding labs at domestic and international airports across cities like Delhi, Pune and Mumbai as well as participating in the seroprevalence survey conducted by the BMC, TIFR and NITI Aayog in Dharavi, Mumbai.

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CrelioHealth has also partnered with the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM), a healthcare initiative under the Government of India, that enables healthcare providers to offer a digital platform and experience to patients with a national health ID. “At CrelioHealth, our mission is to create a seamless healthcare experience for healthcare providers to patients. We understand that the best people to provide quality care are doctors and medical institutions. So rather than focusing on direct patient acquisitions, we believe in providing products and solutions that help such institutes provide better care. We provide tools that help improve the process of diagnostics and provide patients with a comfortable digital experience,” said Abhimanyu Bhosle, CEO and Co-founder of CrelioHealth. Commenting on the inspiration behind CrelioHealth, he added, “If I had to pinpoint one incident that got me going, it probably is my grandfather’s illness. While I was in college, my grandfather fell sick and spent 9 months in the hospital before succumbing to the illness.

I remember spending those months with hundreds of questions and doubts regarding his condition plaguing my mind. This brought about the realization to create CrelioHealth, a platform that helped patients and their families easily diagnose and learn about their ailments and find answers regarding the same.” CrelioHealth is a health tech company operational across over 600 cities globally, including cities in India, US, UK and Dubai. The company has now set its sights on expanding globally to improve patient experience and outcome by providing advanced software tools to doctors and hospitals. CrelioHealth offers products like CrelioCRM, CrelioHealth for Diagnostics and Crelio Inventory that enables diagnostic labs to manage testing exhaustively at a large scale and reduce turnaround time through cloud-based operations.

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