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Delhivery Empowers Women with All-Female Team at Sikar Hub in Rajasthan

Delhivery Empowers Women with All-Female Team at Sikar Hub


Delhivery Empowers Women with All-Female Team at Sikar Hub in Rajasthan

Delhivery, India’s largest fully integrated logistics service provider, has taken a significant step towards gender diversity and inclusion by launching a 100% women-led hub in Sikar, Rajasthan. The entire operations of this hub, from administration to operations and security, will be managed by an all-female staff, marking a pioneering move in the logistics industry.

This initiative builds on the success of Delhivery’s Moga facility and is part of the company’s broader strategy to promote greater enrollment and empowerment of women in the logistics sector. The company has already witnessed success in enhancing women’s participation at its gateways in Tauru (Haryana), Bhiwandi (Mumbai), and other locations across India. Notably, women currently constitute 66% of the total workforce at the processing center in Tauru. Inspired by these achievements, Delhivery has plans to establish more all-women hubs in the future.

Suraj Saharan, Chief People Officer and Co-founder at Delhivery, expressed his excitement about the Sikar hub, stating, “We are very excited about the launch of this all-women hub in Sikar. This initiative aligns with our goal of increasing female participation in our industry. Delhivery takes pride in the accomplishments of our women colleagues, who, when provided with the right platform, make a significant impact. They not only contribute to lower attrition and absenteeism but also enhance our efficiency and productivity. We are committed to providing a supportive and secure work environment, along with skills training and the right HR policies, to enable our women colleagues to excel.”

Delhivery has shown a strong commitment to gender diversity by accelerating the recruitment of women in its team. The headcount of women has increased by approximately 60% in FY24, compared to around 15% in FY23, demonstrating the company’s dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

At the Sikar hub, women will be responsible for various functions, highlighting Delhivery’s commitment to providing diversified opportunities for women, even in non-traditional roles such as driving battery-operated pallet trucks (BOPTs) and loading and unloading trucks. This initiative not only empowers women but also sets a new standard for gender inclusivity in the logistics industry.

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