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Media campaign of INR 25 crore for Droom’s Orange Book Value

Droom OBV


Media campaign of INR 25 crore for Droom’s Orange Book Value

Droom’s Orange Book Value, an algorithmic pricing engine, aims at removing the hassles of selling a vehicle or buying a pre-owned one. In order to establish OBV’s stance in the realm of automobile buying and selling, Droom has rolled out its marketing campaign titled ‘Resale Ka MRP’.

Droom Orange Book Value OBV

OBV gives fair market value of any used vehicle.

Using OBV to determine the value of a vehicle is very simple. All users have to do is select their purpose (buying/selling), select vehicle category, and parameters (make, model, year, condition, trim, and km driven etc) in order to get an independent, unbiased and data-driven report on the fair value of any vehicle. This ease of usage and trust factor has driven great user traction, and has seen nearly 90 million pricing queries generated through OBV’s web and mobile platforms till date.

Speaking on the announcement, Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Droom, said, “With the demand of pre-owned vehicles in the country outstripping that of new vehicles, there was a pressing need for an objective pricing mechanism. Through its data science-based approach, Orange Book Value gives a fair market value of a used vehicle under 10 seconds. With the ‘Resale Ka MRP’ campaign, we wish to underline how this algorithmic engine does away with all the discrepancies that have plagued this segment so far with non – standard pricing.”

Droom’s latest marketing initiative kicks off with the launch of an OBV Diwali video, which revolves around a Diwali-time discussion between friends about the value of a pre-owned car, as well as two animated ‘how-to’ videos about OBV. With the campaign already maintaining a sustained presence through social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube, Droom will be following it up with a 360-degree campaign comprising TVCs, radio & outdoor media, and digital media.

Team Contract, the ad agency behind the concept of the OBV TVC, added, “We decided to use an interaction between friends to showcase how opinions can often differ when it comes to agreeing on the value of a used car. Valuation of a used car is such a subjective and open discussion that there is hardly ever an easy agreement on it.”

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1 Comment

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