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5 Most Scandalous Music Videos


5 Most Scandalous Music Videos



Most Scandalous Video

5 Most Scandalous Music Videos

On August 25, live at the MTV awards, Miley Cyrus made news for her exceptional twerking ability. The news went viral and so did the video. People then started Googling what the Hannah Montana starlet was up to otherwise and realized her latest music videos were quite stunning, in a not so comforting way. Like Cyrus’s work, music videos have had a long history in mortifying viewers with their obscene or nausea-inducing content. Read on to find out 5 videos that we thought were most scandalising in the recent past.


Robin Thicke Blurred Lines:  Robin Thicke feat T.I andPharell

Hey, hey hey, the song is quite catchy and is no surprise that it has over 200 million views on YouTube. But the purpose of the video seems obscure. There are two versions to it, which frankly are not very different from each other. One has the girls wearing skin-coloured plastic lingerie and the other doesn’t. When we say ‘doesn’t’ we’re referring to the lingerie and not the girls. When you see a lot of vermin in your house you think ‘what are they doing there’?The same is with the girls in the video. Sure, everyone loves naked girls but what people actually love is naked girls with character. You can watch the video but you feel it’s unfair that the guys are dressed in dapper suits and the girls are used as toys.



Miley Cyrus We Can’t Stop: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is all over the news for her chicanery. She even makes it to our list of most scandalous videos with her video of “We Can’t Stop”. What went on in the wiring of her labyrinth that she decided to sport short hair, blood-red lipstick,and grills on the teeth to almost resemble Justin Beiber?About the clothing, the lesser said the better. Scenes of eating money, yanking the tongue out constantly and her classic twerk move are plain jarring to the eye.




Smack My Bitch Up  Smack My Bitch Up: Prodigy

“Smack my bitch up” and literally at that! The title thatmore or less translates to “get me high” makes it to this list with its outrageous drunk –driving, cocaine-snorting, women-harassing and brawl-indulging lead character. What makes it petrifying is the first person camera angle that highlights the depravity in detail. Guess they decided to go all out when getting their bitch smacked up.






Heart shaped box  Heart-shaped Box: Nirvana

This was not so much as scandalous as offensive to the religious sentiment for which it received a lot of flak. A Jesus imitation, wearing a Santa hat, walks up the cross by choice. Kurt Cobain and the band-matescontinue beating at their instruments in the foreground.  The presence of crows, a small girl donning the Klu Klux Klan hoodie and prancing in an attempt to grab foetuses hanging from a tree branch, simply create an eerie and disturbing sensation.





Rock DJ Rock DJ:Robbie Williams

It starts off normally like any other Robbie Williams video where he’s singing and girl(s) join him in his shenanigans. What follows next is flexing of the arms, pelvic thrusts in his fancy underwear until that comes off. Even girls who’d love to lose their virginity to him would not want to see that done so amateurishly. All said and done, uptill now it’s still human. It is when he tears his skin off and is smeared in blood when the head gets dizzy. Try watching it if you have the gut for it. It is because eventually he even tears out his gut and flings it on the girls huddling around him.



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