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Bridge Collapses Continue to Plague Bihar: Saran District Latest Victim

Bihar Bridge Collapses: 10th Incident in 15 Days Raises Alarms


Bridge Collapses Continue to Plague Bihar: Saran District Latest Victim

Bihar continues to grapple with a concerning series of bridge collapses, with the latest incident striking the Saran district. This marks the 10th such collapse in just over two weeks, highlighting alarming structural vulnerabilities across the state.

The most recent collapse occurred early Thursday morning, involving a 15-year-old bridge over the Gandaki river in Saran. Fortunately, no casualties were reported, but the bridge’s failure has severed crucial connections between villages in Saran and Siwan district.

District Magistrate Aman Samir has initiated a thorough investigation into the incident, citing recent desilting operations and heavy rainfall as potential triggers. This collapse follows closely on the heels of two other bridge failures within Saran in the past day alone, further exacerbating transportation challenges in the region.

“This series of collapses demands urgent scrutiny. We are investigating all possible causes, including recent maintenance activities and environmental factors,” District Magistrate Aman Samir said, PTI reported, underscoring the urgency of assessing aging infrastructure across Bihar.

In response to escalating concerns, a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking comprehensive structural audits of all existing and under-construction bridges in Bihar. Advocate Brajesh Singh, representing the petitioner, emphasized the need for immediate action to prevent further tragedies. “The repeated collapses of bridges in Bihar, coupled with the state’s vulnerable flood-prone geography, pose a grave risk to public safety,” Singh argued. The petition urges the court to direct the Bihar Government to implement real-time monitoring mechanisms akin to those mandated for national highways, ensuring proactive maintenance and safety protocols.

Reports indicate that similar incidents have plagued districts like Siwan, Madhubani, Araria, East Champaran, and Kishanganj, totaling 10 collapses in just 16 days. The alarming frequency has prompted Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to order a comprehensive survey of all older bridges in the state, emphasizing the need for immediate repairs and stringent maintenance protocols.

In response to these developments, the state government has expedited efforts to bolster bridge safety measures. “We are committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of our infrastructure. Timely intervention is crucial to prevent further disruptions,” remarked Chief Minister Kumar during a recent policy review meeting.

As Bihar grapples with this infrastructure crisis, communities and authorities alike remain vigilant, prioritizing swift actions to safeguard public safety and restore essential transport links. The incident underscores the imperative for robust infrastructure management and proactive measures to mitigate future risks across the state.

(With inputs from PTI)

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