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5 tips to encourage the entrepreneur in your child with simple, fun business ideas

entrepreneur in your child
Allow your children to choose an idea according to their interests and what inspires them


5 tips to encourage the entrepreneur in your child with simple, fun business ideas

Seeing that the average age of entrepreneurs around the world are dropping daily, soon a toddler will be starting his or her own business. While there are some kids that make an early start to the entrepreneurial life, not all children are born with the correct DNA. However, with practice and time, raising entrepreneurial children is very much possible. Here’s five tips that will help you bring out the entrepreneur in your child.

1) Lay out objectives

It is best to early on help your children realise that entrepreneurship is not about the money but about the ‘passion’. Help them realise a goal that will inspire them to learn and try new things for the purpose of experience and not financial.

2) Identify your child

While all parents may want their children to be the best, there is only so much that the child can do. So it is important for parents to identify their child’s talent and skills and provide guidance on how they could hone it. Let them choose an idea that they’re good at or one that will inspire hard work.

3) Encourage questioning

Allow your children to question things, in fact, encourage it. It gets them thinking and allows them to evolve better problem-solving skills too. By questioning problems in life, they could come up with ideas to solve these and maybe turn it into a business. They may discover a new service that is the need of the hour or create a product that is just the right answer to the problem.

4) Start early but don’t rush

If your child has an interest in something, proactively guide him to get involved early on. However, do not rush or push your children. They have a lifetime to learn and develop skills and characteristics so allow them room and time to evolve on their own.

5) Some business ideas that your children could use that are easy and fun:

Lemonade stand

The lemonade stand is a classic, however, your children could also explore other options of sandwiches and juices that are quick and simple.

Dog walking

If your children love dogs and enjoy spending time with them then dog-walking could be the ideal option. Put the word out in our locality and get started, it’s fun and a much sought-after service among today’s fast-paced working class.

Newspaper delivery

Delivering newspapers is largely done by men on motorbikes these days, however, you could speak with the distributor or supplier of your newspaper and set this up in your neighborhood.

Other options include selling DIY items that revolve around art and craft, spending time with the elderly, washing cars – because which child doesn’t like playing with water – and so much more. So go ahead and make the most of it.

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