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Enabling sellers to get studio-quality product photography, ‘Pictor’ raises funds from Quarizon

Product photography is a mutli-billion dollar industry and Pictor is poised to become the de facto method for it

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Enabling sellers to get studio-quality product photography, ‘Pictor’ raises funds from Quarizon

Looking to boost Product Photography and bring about a ‘massive small change’ on a global scale in the e-commerce industry, Delhi-based Quarizon made an undisclosed amount investment in intelligent product photography start-up Pictor Imaging.

Pictor studio-quality photography product images

Pictor helps users get photographs adhering to E-Commerce marketplace standards with a click of a button

Using computer vision technologies, Pictor makes it possible for a seller to use their smartphone to create studio-quality product images. Pictor is conceived to be the brainchild of young enterprising professionals. It significantly reduces costs and turn-around time while allowing a business to standardise and scale their product digitisation workflows.

There is about 30 million individual sellers, globally and every e-commerce website needs to update its catalogue seasonally. Every year, an average of 50 products goes online with a cost of no less than $3 per product – making product photography a multi-billion dollar industry.

Speaking on the decision to invest, Rajiv Semwal, Lead investor at Quarizon, said, “In this fast moving digital world, sales for every online marketplace is won or lost on the strength of its imagery. Poor quality photography that doesn’t show products in their best light is one of the most common reasons for customer desertion. With the evolution in the online space, especially the eCommerce businesses, the market for product photography is huge and indeed much in demand. We saw immense potential in Pictor and their vision to make a mark globally.”

While there is no shortage in availability of the service, being skill-based makes it expensive and inaccessible. This also leaves it with very little standardisation and no standard pricing at all, thus making it challenge to find standardised studio-styled images and a trusted source.

With the aim to address these issues, Neelesh Soni, Siddharth Chilukuri, Gaurav Raj and Akshay Sathaye conceptualised Pictor in November of 2015. Their previous startup, Rhapsody Labs, built fully automated product photography studios and Augmented Reality solutions for retailers. After extensive research and lessons from Rhapsody Labs, they managed to identify problems faced by those looking to get quality images – thus Pictor was born.

Commenting on the funding, Neelesh Soni, CEO at Pictor, said, “Currently, this unorganized industry is a constant source of dissatisfaction for customers. We felt that many of those problems related to accessibility, reliability and transparency could be solved with technology and operational excellence. We want to make these technologies available to as many sellers as possible.”

Pictor has completed pilots with major e-commerce companies in India. In addition to smaller Indian cities like Bhopal and Gwalior, Pictor App also has active users in USA, Belgium and Egypt. To rapidly increase their inventory, Pictor has begun work with the instant delivery wing of Amazon Now, similar to Amazon’s PrimeNow in USA.

“We are now starting to market our product to individual sellers in India and abroad directly. We are also trying to establish strategic partnerships with major e-com players and software solution providers in other geographies” added Neelesh Soni, CEO at Pictor.

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1 Comment

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