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Roll up to your wedding in a Super Car with Droom’s SuperBaraat campaign

Your baraat and vidaai could be riding in a supercar with Droom's new SuperBaraat campaign

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Roll up to your wedding in a Super Car with Droom’s SuperBaraat campaign

Online automobile transactional marketplace, Droom has launched a microsite with its SuperBaraat campaign where couples who are about to get married soon can register themselves and get a chance to roll up in a supercar to their wedding.

“We decided to initiate the SuperBaraat campaign to celebrate this season of love, and gift a lucky couple an experience which they will never forget,” said, Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Droom.

With great excitement and an adrenaline rush in this year’s romantic season, all couples have to do is share their love stories which will be read by users on different social media platforms and evaluated by an independent panel of judges. Based on the social media responses and the judges’ review, a couple will be chosen where the groom gets a chance to ride into the wedding and have the vidaai in a supercar!

“The interesting combination of a conventional Indian baraat/vidaai with a flashy supercar is something even the attendees at the wedding will marvel at,” Mr. Aggarwal added.

The SuperBaraat campaign will begin on the 10th of February and nominations are open till the end of February. Droom is already looking towards enabling the first SuperBaraat this Valentine’s Day.

Sandeep further says, “Supercars have always been an object of great fantasy, even more so today with their portrayal in movies and other shows.” Campaigns such as SuperBaraat could add to the special occasions, making them memories that resonate for a long time after the ceremonies are over.

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