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SpiceJet Chairman Ajay Singh shares his story of taking the plunge with Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) in Delhi

Entrepreneurs’ Organization
Mr Ajay Singh, shared his aspirations of changing India’s airline industry along with invaluable tips from his journey as an entrepreneur


SpiceJet Chairman Ajay Singh shares his story of taking the plunge with Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) in Delhi

Giving its members insights from top business leaders in the country, Entrepreneurs’ Organization looks to give business owners the chance to learn from each other. Going with this thought, for a recent meeting of its Delhi chapter, Mr Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director of SpiceJet was invited at the exclusive event.

The event was part of a series that EO organises for its members wherein they get to meet and discuss these veteran figures’ experiences from the past and vision for the future. Along with his aspirations of changing India’s airline industry, Mr. Singh also shared invaluable tips from his journey as an entrepreneur.

Since Mr. Singh’s years as an entrepreneur left him facing several rough patches, he says it was his sheer belief that kept him focused, adding, “Not too many people get second chances. I was fortunate that I did. This gave me an opportunity to not only correct my predecessor’s mistakes but also the mistakes that I made the first time.”

The interaction included topics ranging from the formula for transforming SpiceJet, to the development of leadership quality, maintaining employees and earning clients credibility. He was reflective while sharing moments from his entrepreneurial life, particularly the assurance that he got from his employees, clients, the government during the decisive time of his career. The SpiceJet Chairman emphasized the importance of right cost structure, employee satisfaction and open communication which can act as the corner stone of any business looking to operate with profitability.

Sachin Mehra, EO Delhi, (Communications Chair) opines, “We are grateful to Mr. Ajay Singh for hosting this wonderful evening and sharing profound insights. There is a tremendous amount of learning that we receive from leaders like Ajay Singh who have turned around their business from adversity to success.”

By sharing stories, experiences and ideas, the organization wants to bring about greater business success and an enriched personal life as well. The objective is to educate, transform, inspire, and offer invaluable resources, in the form of global events, leadership-development programs, an online entrepreneur forum and executive education opportunities – among other offerings – designed for personal and professional growth.

“EO members globally are a highly motivated group of entrepreneurs and such engagement help inspire the next generation,” adds Mehra.

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