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7 tips to help you get more Twitter followers without spending a dime

get more Twitter followers
People are willing to listen, watch, or in the case of Twitter, ‘follow’ you, if what you share is interesting


7 tips to help you get more Twitter followers without spending a dime

If you have been trying to grow your audience on Twitter but your tweets have been going into oblivion, it is hard to grow your followers. One interesting tweet can make you famous in today’s ‘viral’ seeking world. However, until that moment of chance, how do you get more Twitter followers?

While there are paid options to reach a larger audience, not everyone can afford to pump in money. Hence, there are some people that are doing something different to increase followers organically that you may not know of. So here are a few steps to take which may not put you in the leading position but could definitely gain you some more followers on Twitter.

Maintain a strong profile

Building and maintaining a strong Twitter profile is very important. Through this, people get to know who you are and what you do and if your Tweets are interesting, they will definitely be checking out your profile as well. Since your followers want to know you, it is better to use your real name instead of a fancy, fake one. It is good to have a brief and smart profile that includes your interests and if you can, add a link to your website or other social media accounts there as well.

Are you worth following?

Good tweets will get you more like and followers, for obvious reasons and vice versa. Don’t go posting tweets just for the sake of it, while it is important to be putting out content, your posts need to be interesting and engaging. Tweet things that are trending and/or are of relevance including what interests you. People gain large followings on Twitter because their posts are either informative, funny or entertaining.

Follow, Retweet, Repeat

If you are new to twitter, focus on following and retweeting your what you find interesting from the people you follow. When people follow you, start retweeting some of their posts and you will soon gain a fan or two. By sharing other people’s posts, you up the chances of gaining more followers which could build you a solid network. The people who’s posts you retweet will surely notice it and will retweet yours when you share a post that interests them too.

Include links and multimedia

The use of images, video and audio files in tweets are more attention grabbing and can get you more retweets and likes. Accompanying your tweets with links interesting media and links to your website, YouTube Channel or online stores is a good way to drive traffic, however, be cautious not to over do them. Remember, tweets with links perform better than tweets without.

Cross-promote your Twitter account

If you want people to follow you, it’s best to let them know that your account exists. Hence, leave a link to your twitter handle on your posts on other social media platforms and provide the same on your website – if you have one – as well. Informing and cross-promoting your social media accounts is as important as being active on social media.

Hashtag wisely

Through the use of hashtags in your tweets, you reach a larger audience that have similar interests. Hence, it is quite likely that people with preferences like your own will start to ‘like’ your posts, share them and maybe even follow you.

Having said that, be careful  not to use too many hashtags because it uses character space and it could disinterest readers. A good hashtag could get you new followers so use them wisely.

Celebrities and social media influencers

Twitter makes it a little easy to get in touch with celebrities, by celebrity what we mean is someone with more than a million followers. Follow and retweet celebrities and at the opportune moment tweet about them – whether an article or a comment or anything. ‘Mention’ them in their tweet so they know about it and, again, if it’s interesting enough they may share it with their millions of followers which could get you a couple of new tweeters.

Among the very many tools and methods you can apply, two very important things to remember is to be consistent and entertaining – even if informative – but the main thing is the quality of the content you put out. People are willing to listen, watch, or in the case of Twitter, ‘follow’ you if what you share is interesting.



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