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GMASA 2016

App for a change

At a time when most entrepreneurs are following successful ideas that would fetch more money from investors and make them profitable in the fastest way possible, there are few who are implementing innovative ideas to help the people of this country.

One of the panel discussions in GMASA 2016 on Tuesday upheld the social issues and how the mobile app industry in the country could actually help make the country a better place.

Preethi Herman, the campaigns head of, gave the Sindhutai Sapkal also known as Mother of Orphans. Sapkal is an Indian social worker and social activist known particularly for her work for raising orphan children.


Born into a Pimpri Meghe village in Wardha district Maharashtra, she got married to a 30-year-old cowherd from Navargaon village. She bore 3 sons by the time she turned 20 and was abandoned from the village after protesting against the local strongman. Her love for children led he to devote her entire life to children and she has nurtured over 1050 orphaned children. As of today, she has a grand family of 207 son-in-laws, 36 daughter-in-laws and over 1000 grandchildren.

It was 5000 signed petitions through platform that prevented Sapkal’s over 1000 children from being forcibly returned to government orphanages.

“It’s not about the number of petitions but the community that wants to work together. There are cases where 2.5 lakhs have been signed but the campaign is still going on. What’s important is that our platform is bringing people together for a cause. The aim is to use online tools to mobilize people,” said Herman.

Another such example was that of Afreen Ansari , who has co-founded MyChild App. It helps parents to evaluate their children from 0-2 years, which keeps them informed about the necessary growth within those years and provide a platform to contact with doctors for consultation.

“There are children who suffer from various anomalies due to various reasons. Before the parents understand the symptoms, it becomes too late. Our app is free of cost for the users. We have over 11000 users over 140 countries, which include Mozambique and Czech. We have partnered with Practo for the online doctor consultants,” said Ansari.

The idea is to work together offline with the drive of online, said Abhishek Mazumdar, founder of The Logical Indian, an alternative media platform.

“Through our platform, we try to bring out the issues, which will bring out the involvement from the people in societal work. You won’t see Bollywood or entertainment news on our platform. When people campaign they reach out to us and we try to help them spread their issue,” added Mazumdar.

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