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Inoket Solutions is Expanding the Battery-Powered Products and Aerial Surveillance in India

Inoket Solutions is Expanding the Battery-Powered Products and Aerial Surveillance in India


Inoket Solutions is Expanding the Battery-Powered Products and Aerial Surveillance in India

Inoket Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is bringing modern battery and aerial surveillance solutions to the different spheres of Indian Society. Inoket Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Bengaluru-based start-up working towards improving modern battery-powered products and aerial surveillance solutions in India. The firm consults upon intelligent and efficient battery uses, modern surveillance solutions such as; CCTVs, UAVs, etc., and IoT-based surveillance systems.

Mr. Prithvi Raj, a 25-year-old Bengaluru-based entrepreneur, is the Director and Founder of Inoket Solutions Pvt. Ltd. His vision is to modernize surveillance solutions in India in an eco-friendly manner. Mr. Prithvi Raj on his journey and his company’s ongoing projects here is what he has to say: The journey of the young & driven entrepreneur I started working in the industry by the end of 2016, and at that time, I could see the presence of conventional drones in the market, lack of encryption of surveillance data, insufficient use of modern surveillance technology for disaster management & security concerns.

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I thought of this scenario as a big problem that requires a stiff & modern solution. So, I started working with firms doing R&D with similar vision. With time, together we developed ideas such as; production/manufacturing of surveillance technology & products in India, giving complete customization and authority to the government bodies of the encryption of data for building trust, and working towards large endurance IoT-based surveillance. Ongoing projects at Inoket Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Prithvi Raj and his team at Inoket Solutions Pvt. Ltd. work with the idea of bringing forth the use of modern surveillance technology as relevant solutions to many societal problems. Environmental hazards, avoiding battlefield causalities, overcoming the excessive use of conventional means of energy generation, etc. are a few to be named.

When asked about the projects undertaken by Inoket Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Prithvi Raj mentioned a few of them; So, we have initiated several projects as of now with Asteria Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. As their business expansion partner. We are also dealing in all kinds of surveillance modernization for the Special Forces. Prithvi quoted. We are working with the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for measuring the volume of stockpiled raw resources/substances. These can be helpful in pre-flood and post-flood situations detecting upcoming catastrophes and quantifying the accurate depth of floodwater. We are also in discussion with many states with GIS Mapping, providing help with surveying & mapping of rural areas using aerial surveillance for digital documentation of lands and properties owned by the rural people.

We have also signed an MoU with a Latvia based wireless Mobile Video Surveillance System (MVSS) R&D and manufacturing company. Together we are enhancing and modernizing current Security Surveillance System in India mainly focusing on remote areas where availability of power and/or network is a challenge.” Vision towards modernization We strongly believe that there’s a need for modernizing technology at all levels. We are working towards meeting the requirements of the Special Forces from all perspectives; specific customizations, endurances, payloads, etc. We are also trying to create awareness amongst the rural population about the aerial solutions to bridge the gap between the rural and the urban areas that technology has caused over time. Prithvi added.

The Future course of action When asked about the plans for Inoket, Prithvi quoted, We plan to work for the people of India, especially the rural population. We aim to modernize them, solve their problems, and provide opportunities for using nodal technologies for their benefit. With the help of technologies such as; drone-based mapping, thermal infrared sensor-enabled UAVs, Large endurance UAS, we aim to build projects to support power transmission, precision agriculture, industrial asset inspection, oil & gas industries, mining, construction & real estate, and non-conventional means of energy generation (solar & wind), Prithvi added. He ended with mentioning the vision of providing solutions to mountable Neutron Emission based detection system which will increase the stand-off distance from the target. To View the Image, Click on the Link Below: Mr. Prithvi Raj, Director and Founder of Inoket Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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