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Content marketing is the new way to promote your brand


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Content marketing is the new way to promote your brand

Content marketing is an integral part of online marketing strategy. With the diverse adoption of new technologies by consumers, it is even more challenging to determine the effectiveness of your implemented content marketing strategy. There are different mediums to reach out to users but the communication space is so cluttered that having an objective-driven content strategy is essentially required.

In the online space also, there was a time when information about a product was delivered only through the website. However, in the course of the last few years, there are new marketing tools and social media marketing has clearly gained an edge over others. Yet, the social media space in itself is a diversified space driven by relevance of content. Then, there are search engines and other online tools to drive optimum results. The format diversity is huge and only quality written content spread over diverse mediums will help connect the brand with the consumers.

One of the crucial areas of online promotion, there are worthwhile trends to watch in 2016, which in turn will also help you decide your budget on content marketing is mobile content marketing.

Mobile is the next content marketing destination. There has been a sharp increase in the number of mobile users and e-commerce players are already leading from the front by shifting to the app-based model. Mobile is being used for content consumption on news and entertainment and online shopping, while surfing for research on products to buy. Other content driven trends like browsing social media, communicating with peer group or posting comments and reviews of products will also gain deeper traction.

Searching online using social media is slowly gaining traction. This is a slow developing change as people tend to search directly on social media for information on products and services. Social media is considered to be a valuable source of information as there is categorized content. One, consumers will find more visual content than the heavy laded text on search engines. Add to it the oomph factor of receiving preferred information of reviews and comments on social media.

Diversification of social media has happened and now it is the time to penetrate deeper with your content strategy into the digital world. Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram having gained prominence only for individual communication, YouTube and Facebook have matured for brand content strategy. This is likely to change now. Instagram is already providing advertising opportunities and snapchat is already creating branding opportunities

Visual content including videos is also an interactive tool. The written content market is on a saturation point and with the internet capacity expected to increase, it will be easier to access images and videos on the mobile. The users behavior clearly points towards this trend with people wanting to get crisp information out of pool of information on the internet.


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