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RevvSales Changes Name to Revv – to Empower Every Entrepreneur to ‘Be Yourself’

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RevvSales Changes Name to Revv – to Empower Every Entrepreneur to ‘Be Yourself’

RevvSales Changes Name to Revv – to Empower Every Entrepreneur to ‘Be Yourself’

Backed by Lightspeed, Matrix Partners, and Arka Ventures, RevvSales, a recognized leader in document management, announced its complete rebranding in response to accelerated company growth and renewal of its corporate vision. At the heart of this rebranding effort is a change of the company name to Revv with a new corporate logo. The company was started in 2018 by Freshworks alums, Rishi Kulkarni and Sameer Goel. Revv is playing for the little guy – the passionate entrepreneur – who puts everything on the line to realize their dreams. Revv is their self-learning, organized, analytical, and always alert business partner that meets the everyday demands of business documentation.

There is nothing more mind-numbing than paperwork. Entrepreneurs and small businesses struggle to source templates for business proposals when seeking investments, templates for employment agreements when hiring, templates for sales proposals and services agreements when selling, and templates for partners and vendors when onboarding! They have to either become or seek out a Lawyer, HR Professional, Recruiter, Tax Expert, Accountant, Salesman, Marketing Executive, and Administrative Manager to run the business. For an entrepreneur, every business document matters. Documents kickstart the business, documents grow the business, documents run the business. Any formal relationship be it with investors, employees, customers, or partners requires a document to define and bind that relationship. This rebranding will bring us one step closer to giving every entrepreneur the ability to thrive in this world, which understands only documents, adds Sameer Goel, co-founder.

Over 2000+ businesses worldwide are currently using Revv to manage their documentation needs. With Revv, a self-service SaaS product, documents are both human-readable and machine-actionable, so businesses don’t have to move data between their documents and business applications manually. There’s a whole new intelligence layer that makes comprehension and analysis of existing documents easier and faster. While at the same time making selection and creation of new documents a walk in the park.
Rishi Kulkarni, the Co-Founder, adds, This rebranding is a major milestone for the organization. Digital transformation’ has honestly only moved the document mess of the physical world online. Documents are critical to running a business, and our aim is to truly orchestrate the interaction between humans, documents, data, and machines. The new brand perfectly illustrates our growing ambition in the market.

The core pillars of Revv, the all-in-one business partner: 1000+ of simple, vetted templates, pre-formatted for convenience Share’ online securely for collaboration and document review Track activity of shared documents receive consent with built-in e-signature Machine learning driven document navigation Online storage to securely organize documents in folders Integrations with other apps via Native APIs and Zapier 24/7 customer support What’s cool about Revv is that it brings together the convenience of numerous vetted templates, a canvas to personalize documents, an intelligence layer to understand documents, a data layer to connect documents with business apps, along with the ability to collaborate with stakeholders. All-in-one solution to make the document management process not just simple, but smart. To View the Image Click on the Link Below: RevvSales rebrands itself as Revv

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