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SuperBot announces the launch of a dedicated solution for D2C brands

SuperBot announces the launch of a dedicated solution for D2C brands


SuperBot announces the launch of a dedicated solution for D2C brands

SuperBot, an intelligent, AI-powered voice agent and a SaaS-based product by PinnacleWorks has announced a variant specifically to cater to the requirements of D2C brands. With the D2C startup space growing exponentially, there is a dire need for finer customer support. In light of the same, the brand has announced the launch of SuperBot’s dedicated version which is capable of taking the overall support experience provided by the businesses a notch up.

 The solution unlike any other voice agent available in the market comes with an easy DIY platform. The user can access the platform and simply select the use case, language, and industry and have the product ready for integration with their existing systems. The product is capable of placing 1M+ calls a day, and 10,000+ concurrent calls at a time.

 “D2C sector in India is enjoying a healthy base of 700 million internet users and an online shopper base of 140 million, which is growing exponentially. With a user base this huge, it certainly becomes challenging for the brands to serve the customer directly online and maintain the user experience all the time. Understanding the prevailing gap, we decided to offer a unique solution which would be in sync with the sector requirements,” said Mr Sarvagya Mishra, Co-founder, and Director of SuperBot (PinnacleWorks).

 The product can offer added support by setting up a 24×7 Helpline at zero training and infrastructure agent, conducting mass-level feedback and survey campaigns, executing feedback and survey campaigns and more. The solution also helps brands increase their cart abandonment recovery rate by a whopping 23 per cent, thus helping them boost their revenue and ensuring new client acquisition and retention. 

It eventually leads to a handsome RoI as one does not require providing any training or exhausting time in its implementation. SuperBot is available in 9+ languages including Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi, etc.

 SuperBot is an intelligent, AI-powered voice agent, by PinnacleWorks which was established in the year 2012. It aims to revolutionize calling and make businesses use machines for doing the hard work while humans invest their time in doing the smart work only. 

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