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5 international lotteries you can play from India

5 international lotteries you can play from India


5 international lotteries you can play from India

Indian bettors can make it! With the top lotteries around the world, they have a chance to win the international lottery in just a few clicks. First, let’s learn more about how to play online lotteries from India and where you can buy lottery tickets online. Then, we’ll look at five international lotteries you can play to win big.

How to Play Lotteries Online in India?

Do you wish you could win a major international lottery like Mega Millions, Powerball, or EuroMillions? You can now play these interesting games online from India. Foreign lotteries aren’t subject to Indian gambling laws. This means that you can play anywhere in India from your computer or smartphone. You will have the opportunity to win jackpots much greater than the Indian lottery’s top prizes.

Online lottery providers offer you the chance to play games you wouldn’t normally have access to. For example, mega Millions and Powerball tickets are not available at the local store, but you can participate online if you have a smartphone or a computer.

Playing online means you will never miss out on any opportunity. When you win, you will be notified by email/SMS that you used when you registered your account. In addition, after each draw, you can view the results on each lottery page.

Online lottery games are simple to play. Follow these steps to get started:

-Find a reliable online lottery provider.

– Pick the lottery you would like to play

-Use the number selector grid to manually choose numbers, or use the Quick Pick button to generate random numbers.

-Click the Continue button to confirm your purchase

-Fill in your details to create an account and register for a new account. Finally, complete your purchase.

After you have received your order, your numbers can be viewed in your online profile.

5 international lotteries you can play from India

The US Powerball Lottery

The US Powerball Lottery is, without a doubt, the most popular lottery in the world. It is the largest lottery in the world and has one of its highest payouts. 2016 saw it break the record for the largest-ever drawn jackpot, with a cash payout of more than INR 60 million and 50 lakhs. Players can win a lifetime of fortune by buying one US Powerball ticket. Not only is the jackpot huge, but the other prize tiers of this lottery are equally promising. If you are interested in becoming the next US Powerball lottery-winning player, all you have to do is purchase the ticket and believe in your chances of winning.

Mega Millions

This is another lottery that is very popular in the US, as well as in other countries. This lottery is second in the US for giving away jackpot prizes. The highest payout from Super Millions was 6.48 crores. That’s the same amount as the highest US Powerball lottery.


It is one the largest and most well-known lotteries across Europe. It is a multinational lottery hosted by France, Spain, and Great Britain. You can also play this lottery online from India by signing into Lottoland. Euromillions is a popular lottery because of its amazing payouts exceeding 1400 Lakhs.


It is considered to be a relative of the EuroMillions. It has been popularized in many countries, including Croatia, Denmark (Estonia), Finland, Germany), Iceland, Italy, and the Netherlands, as well as Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, and Spain. It is also a popular lottery prize among Indian bettors. The jackpot prize ranges from INR 10 million to INR 90 million.

SuperEna Lotto

It is a very popular lottery in Italy and is well-known for its increasing jackpot prizes. In 2010, the SuperEna Lotto had the largest-ever winning jackpot. The syndicate team of 70 people won the jackpot! They won INR 1770 lakhs! Everyone can play this lottery. Even celebrities such as Madonna, George Clooney, and Paris Hilton enjoy playing this Italian lottery. SuperEna Lotto Jackpot winning odds are 1 in 622 6,614,630. Additional prize tiers are available.

Now that you are familiar with the top 5 lotteries, you may be curious about where to find them. The most well-known and reliable websites for international lottery games are your best bet. Bettors only need to buy the ticket to have a chance to win!


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