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Truck transportation welcomes startups for better infrastructure

Truck transportation welcomes startups for better infrastructure


Truck transportation welcomes startups for better infrastructure

Even the most mundane and basic hurdles in daily life can create ideas that can be monetized through a spirit of entrepreneurship. Such is the story of Amit Punaini and Ishu Bansal, the founders of TruckSuvidha. Both of them belonged from families who dealt with plywood manufacturing and often faced delays in truck deliveries. The more their shipments got delayed, the more the plywood quality suffered due to the evaporation of inherent moisture present in it.

To solve this problem, Amit and Ishu created TruckSuvidha – India’s first online marketplace for truck transporters that enrols truck providers who own vehicles with tracking systems. The startup has about 23,000 truck transporters, each of them paying Rs.45,000 yearly to connect to prospective customers online.

“For every long route, most often there is no return shipment, making the truck transporter write off a one-way loss or quote higher prices. With an Uber-like platform for trucks we are make sure the provider gets a return load.” said Bansal, 24, previously a software engineer with Infosys.

Similar to TruckSuvidha, there are many more startups that are improving the truck transportation sector in both inter and intra-city transport. TruckMandi was founded by ex-Snapdeal employees Ankit Singh and Anurag Jain this year and allows transporters to bid on the platform for consumer loads at a nominal fee of 2% per load.

Trucksfirst, Moovo, ThePorter, Blowhorn and The Karrier are some other startups which are solving similar hurdles in inter and intra-city truck transportation.
(With inputs from The Economic Times)

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