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mPokket Celebrates 8th Anniversary with CSR Plantation Drive

mPokket CSR Plantation Drive


mPokket Celebrates 8th Anniversary with CSR Plantation Drive

mPokket, a leading digital lender, recently celebrated its 8th Anniversary with a focus on growth, innovation, and community engagement. As part of its commitment to environmental sustainability, the company unveiled a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative aimed at planting saplings across various locations.

Motivated by a desire to contribute to environmental conservation, mPokket plans to plant 1000 saplings, each aged between 2 to 3 years, ensuring their ability to thrive and produce fruits. Approximately 200 saplings have already been planted in the Kolkata area, with the remaining 800 to be planted across other regions in the upcoming months. The entire team of mPokket and their families will be joining hands to protect the environment, showcasing the company’s deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship and community welfare.

Gaurav Jalan, CEO & Founder of mPokket, reflected on the occasion, stating, “Celebrating eight years of mPokket is not just about recognizing our achievements but also about acknowledging the dedication and hard work of our team members, whose relentless efforts have propelled us to where we are today. As a socially conscious firm, we recognize our duty to actively contribute to sustainable practices. Planting saplings is an investment in our planet’s future as well as a testament to mPokket’s commitment to giving back to the communities we serve. As we reflect on our journey so far, we pledge to remain committed to driving positive change and creating a lasting impact in the communities within our operational areas.”

In addition to the CSR initiative, mPokket’s 8th Anniversary celebrations included vibrant gatherings in Kolkata and Bangalore, where employees came together to commemorate the company’s ongoing journey. These events featured live performances by renowned bands such as Bandeh and Akhi Roti and provided opportunities for employees to connect and celebrate their shared success. As the company celebrates its achievements and growth over the past 8 years, it remains dedicated to fostering a culture of sustainability and social responsibility within the organization.

The CSR initiative launched by mPokket is a testament to the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and community welfare. By planting saplings and engaging in other environmentally friendly practices, mPokket is making a positive impact on the planet and setting an example for other companies to follow.

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