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Mystify launches Multi-City Flight Search feature

Mystify launches Multi-City Flight Search feature
Mystify has launched an extension Multi-City Search feature to their existing ASRHub platform.

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Mystify launches Multi-City Flight Search feature

Mystify, a Singapore-based travel tech leader, has launched an extension Multi-City Search feature to their existing Airline Shopping and Retailing Hub (ASRHub) platform. This is an advanced flight search feature that makes searching and booking consecutive one-way flights between multiple destinations quicker, easier and tapping into multiple local pricing in a single request.

Rajeev Kumar, the CEO and Managing Director of Mysifty, highlighted that their objective is to build product features that are designed to scale and simplify the global customer’s retail strategy. “We believe that this feature will benefit Mystifly’s B2B customers to increase booking volume by offering flexible travel options to address the needs of today’s traveller.”

Kumar shared that the Traditional Multi-City Search technology has been built on top of traditional distribution platforms and on 99% of the instances are unfit for today’s world. He noted that comparing prices and different Multi-Destination itineraries can be difficult enough to get the best possible fare and make the traveller spend a lot of time to discover the best pricing.

The high number of options and prices variations (both over time and through different sellers) make the task even harder. Hence, booking a multi-destination journey can be challenging, time-consuming and costly and often need human interference to get access to the cheapest pricing. Of course, the issue of complexity further extends when the traveller needs specific ancillary services for each of those routes as per budget and preference. Multi-city search is an essential feature for any travel retailer who wants to help their travellers plan a trip along with multiple cities across different continents.

Mystifly has expanded its existing flight search capability with the advanced and Intelligent multi-city flights search feature to compare and book combinations of domestic & international and GDS & non-GDS flight options for multiple destinations in a single search.

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Powered by AI-based on NLP and ML algorithms, it rapidly explores and compares tens & thousands of fare choices for each leg of route from around 700+ GDS, LCC and NDC airlines to display the most relevant and competitive fare options. The new Multi-City Search feature also allows to fine-tune the itineraries by applying filters like direct/non-direct flight, Day/night flights based on traveller’s destinations and personal preferences and also provides the required ancillary services for each leg of the travel to finally proceed with booking.

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