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McGraw Hill partners with IGNITOR to digitise textbooks



McGraw Hill partners with IGNITOR to digitise textbooks

IGNITOR, an online platform developed by Hyderabad based Edutor Technologies, that delivers ‘next-generation’ digital textbooks recently announced their partnership with McGrawHill Education India.

McGrawHill is a global content provider for professionals and students pf all ages. MHE India will work with Universities & Colleges, to offer powerful learning experiences to the students on their own personal laptops or tablets, through IGNITOR, a platform developed by Hyderabad based Edutor Technologies.

The aim is for higher education institutions to go completely paperless with students carrying all their textbooks and learning resources on their devices. IGNITOR and McGraw Hill Education India aim to reach out to 1000+ universities and colleges in India which serve lakhs of college students to offer this Next Generation Interactive Learning Experience to students and help drive better outcomes.

“McGraw Hill Education titles represent the best of breed in every stream of education. Higher education institutions are increasingly adopting digital textbooks and have been seeking McGrawHill Education’s superlative courseware on the students’ personal devices. This joint endeavour enables us to enhance the delivery of learning systems with a rich and intuitive user experience to students across all levels,” said Ram Gollamudi, CEO, Edutor Technologies.

IGNITOR will also digitize the higher education content for McGraw Hill Education and a large catalog of digital learning resources will be available to higher education institutes across India. The e-catalog will have over 5000 leading titles in 40+ streams in Engineering, Management, Medicine, Science, Arts and Commerce streams – available for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Kaushik Bellani, Managing Director of McGrawHill Education India said, “McGrawHill Education is committed to unlock the full potential of each learner through intuitive, engaging, efficient and effective experiences – grounded in research. We are making our world-renowned content easily available to learners in new-age formats. We are pleased to work with IGNITOR to help us reach students at institutes which focus on student outcomes and developing professionals for the 21st century”


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