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Tanla teams up with Microsoft to launch ‘Wisely’ secure communication solution

Tanla teams up with Microsoft to launch 'Wisely' secure communication solution


Tanla teams up with Microsoft to launch ‘Wisely’ secure communication solution

Tanla Platforms Ltd on Wednesday said it has partnered Microsoft to launch ‘Wisely’, a blockchain-enabled communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) offering that will allow private and secure communication experiences for enterprises. Microsoft is the development partner, which architected and built this platform for Tanla. “Billions of conversations occur between customers and enterprises over multiple channels. We have seen incidents like data breaches man-in-the-middle attacks, where users are subjected to unauthorised profiling and phishing. Compromise of data security and data privacy is a clear and present danger,” Tanla Platforms Ltd Chairman and CEO Uday Reddy said in a virtual briefing. He added that the new platform is a game-changer for enterprises, mobile carriers, OTT players, marketers, and industry regulators.

“Wisely is a CPaaS, offering digital marketplace for enterprises and suppliers with a global edge to edge network, delivering private, secure and trusted experiences,” he said. The Wisely network uses Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Databricks as well as Azure PostgresSQL Database and other Azure services. Edge-to-edge encryption ensures data security and data privacy for end-users. The network built on blockchain provides complete data visibility, while the artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered insights help enterprises improve quality of service and reduce costs. The platform ensures compliance with local regulatory practices and data protection laws as well as best-in-class service frameworks. “Trust is at the foundation of all progress, however incremental or disruptive it might be. Wisely encrypts customer data in a secure end-to-end network between enterprises and telecom providers. This not just ensures compliance with data privacy regulations, but it also provides enhanced security to consumers by protecting their privacy and secured information,” Microsoft India President Anant Maheshwari said.

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Privacy and security are definitely amongst the most critical priorities for all data flow processing and all the more when it comes to businesses, communicating with their customers, he added. “We are happy to also welcome Tanla as one of our co-sell partners. And given the breadth of our enterprise sales organization and our global partner ecosystem, we are confident that Tanla solutions will transform many businesses across industries across the world, and the way they communicate with their customers,” he said. Wisely has been granted three patents in cryptography and blockchain processes by the United States Patents & Trademark Office. Shares of Tanla closed at Rs 778.30 apiece, up 3.91 per cent over previous close on BSE.

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