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Zionverse launches its 3D obstacle course game ‘Vijayi Dash’

Zionverse, the first of its kind Indian Metaverse brings its exclusive 3D obstacle course game for Lakshmi NFT owners


Zionverse launches its 3D obstacle course game ‘Vijayi Dash’

Zionverse, one of India’s leading gaming ecosystems under Totality Corp, is all set to start the new year right. Post the launch and the catapulting craze around Lakshmi NFT, as promised to its loyal community members, the company is now coming up with an exclusive launch of the freshest 3D obstacle course game, Vijayi Dash. Of its many ventures and products that have come up, the Lakshmi NFT drop was the most auspicious, owing to its deity. 

 Vijayi Dash is a casual 3D obstacle course game inspired by Indian culture and specifically designed for our community. The event that’s set to garner the attention of all Web3 enthusiasts is the 7-day extravaganza curated for Lakshmi NFT holders. This event is a 7-day long marathon to reach the top of the leaderboard and win awards up to 950 USDC! To participate in the exuberant celebration, players must own at least one Lakshmi NFT linked to their Zionverse account through a Metamask wallet if purchased from a secondary market or unstaked. Players must also have an Android device to access the Zionverse app and the Vijayidash game.

Each player will receive 3 runs per day per NFT for a total of 21 runs by the end of the event. If the daily runs are not utilized, they will be accumulated and not reset, to be then used at the player’s discretion. Players can track their available runs and the rank of each NFT on the leaderboard within the Zionverse app. Rewards will be paid out in USDC through a connected Metamask wallet by January 19 at 6 PM IST.

In the spirit of the buzz around Vijayi Dash, Anshul Rustaggi, Founder and CEO of Totality Corp, said, “With the onset of the new year, we’re continuing our consistency of keeping the promises made to our community and launching this game exclusively curated for the owners of Lakshmi NFT. This 7-day event is a gesture of our thanks to the community that never stops giving; feedback, support, love, and, most of all, the belief they hold in our team. The resounding success of the launch of Lakshmi NFT drove us to put our hearts and soul and create Vijayi Dash, a victorious experience for the ones who make us feel like winners every day. We encourage all Lakshmi NFT owners to participate in this exciting event and earn rewards by partaking in the fun challenges of Vijayi Dash.”

 Zionverse is an online community that offers a wealth of chances for artists, game developers, web3 fans, and gamers. The ecosystem has been engaging in innovative metaverse projects that cross generational boundaries and explore far-flung possibilities. It’s the ideal location to comprehend the excellence and glory of Indian culture, elevating it to a new level. Stay tuned for updates, and don’t forget to link the Metamask wallet and download the Zionverse app to join in the fun.

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