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5 low-cost ways you can be an entrepreneur while still in college



5 low-cost ways you can be an entrepreneur while still in college

College is a great time for unlearning and preparation. It is also the time when the realization kicks in that life, after school, will be about pursuing what you love while also making money. While many choose to dedicate college time to study and introspection there are several others who gear up for the big world outside by deciding to work part-time from college itself. There are many who harbour dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur right from their college days. It is never a good idea to drop out simply to pursue this idea but there is also no reason why you cannot pursue your entrepreneurial dreams simply because you are in college.

Here are 5 low cost ways in which you can start your entrepreneurial journey while you are also battling it out for that great degree:

Become a blogger

If your interests are lifestyle, technology, fashion or travel, you are in luck. Blogging in these topics can get you some serious money. There are several bloggers who have ended up making a name for themselves and brands have lined up at their door to endorse their products. But, like everything else, patience is the key word here. Blogging needs regularity, discipline and giving a fresh perspective. Also, marketing and reaching out to a wide audience is of paramount importance.

Get your own YouTube channel

Do you like video documenting things? Do you love an audience? YouTube channels have made several people famous. Be it talking about movies or introducing people to popular culture, if your channel has enough subscribers and views you can end up making some serious money with brands endorsing their products through ads, etc.

Open an Online store

If you have a flair for craft or art, you can sign up on platforms like Etsy or Ebay and sell your products online. It is cheaper than having your own retail/online retail store and with the right kind of social media marketing you can end up having a steady flow of customers. You will also be doing what you love which is always the best part.

Open a homebased coaching centre

Instead of privately tutoring one or two students, you can get in touch with a like minded college mate or two from other academic backgrounds and open a homebased coaching centre that offers several subjects. This requires minimum investment and can have good returns. However, your business will largely depend on word of mouth marketing and if the word spreads around in the neighbourhood about your skill as an educator, you can expect a steady stream of students soon.

Organize Workshops

If you love to communicate with a live audience and are active in extra curricular activities you can consider organizing skill based or creative workshops. A workshop is more than just taking a course, it gives you a hands on approach to a skill or activity. Organizing a workshop will entail that you get the right people together, chalk out your the concept and structure with break-out sessions and activities, and marketing it to the right audience. Depending on the nature and subject of  the workshop, the organizer can target corporate houses, NGOs, educational institutions or government bodies for funding and certification.

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