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Captain America vs Iron Man : This Civil War which side are you?


Captain America vs Iron Man : This Civil War which side are you?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he world as we know it will be divided into two on May 6th, 2016. On second thought, it already is. Some have sided with Team Captain America and others with Team Iron Man.

It is the not the first time the audience has been pitted against such a difficult choice. The movie, ‘Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice’ did the same thing. The theme for such division remains, however, same for both the movies. With emerging insecurities and alien threats on Earth, man has a difficult choice to make. Either blindly worship the heroes who have time and again saved them from various calamities, or take necessary precautions as most often, heroes live long enough to turn into a villain, if not for real, they certainly are perceived.

The threat is no different for us in the real world with increasing need for drone surveillance and advanced penetrating technology, thus posing a threat to our privacy and security. Captain and Iron Man are faced with the same dilemma.  The conflict is timeless and so will be the battle between the two teams as the longest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie comes to the fore.

In the story, the major massacre of cities and towns that involve the superheroes and extra- terrestrial villains lead the US government to pass legislation that would require all heroes to register with and reveal their secret identities to the government to become accountable for their actions.

Iron Man supports the new legislation, who, given the pragmatist Stark is, can see what’s coming with public sentiment turning against the heroes and the decision could be the best way to make people feel safe.

Captain America, who stands on rule-based ethics, stresses superheroes to work privately and autonomously. The aura of the conflict is both work towards protecting civilians as well as their loved ones.

Spider Man’s introduction in Civil War is highly anticipated. Tore between the need to hide his identity to keep his loved ones safe and the need for registration to do justice to the civilians, Spidey keeps swinging from one side to another throughout the film.

Apart from the dilemma, one can never ignore the heroes siding on both the sides. If you are with Team Iron Man, you have Black Widow, Vision, Black Panther and War Machine fight on your side. On Team Captain America, you will be having Scarlett Witch, Hawkeye, Ant- Man and the Winter Soldier.

The choice might be easy on paper with team Iron Man having a slight advantage but it would equally difficult when philosophies are concerned.

So, which side are you?


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