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Zakir Naik gets support on Twitter for his defamation notice against Goswami

Zakir Naik gets support on Twitter for his defamation notice against Goswami - mybigplunge


Zakir Naik gets support on Twitter for his defamation notice against Goswami

It seems that Zakir Naik has been getting a lot of support from the social after he filed a Rs 500-crores defamation notice against Arnab Goswami , the Times Now editor-in-chief for carrying out a ‘media trial’ with the ‘malicious intent’ of defaming him, according to media reports.

The ‘#ZakirsuesArnab’ has been one of the most trending topics in the last few days with many criticising Goswami for his allegations.

Statements that have surfaced on Twitter against Goswami read, “Your hypocrisy is even getting exposed by those who work in the same industry”. While another said, “No Journalist should ever dare to become Judiciary & engage in passing judgements. It is a lesson 4 every Pseudo-jounalist.”

The controversial Islam speaker’s speeches have been allegedly inspired individuals to commit terrorist acts and provoke violence. Even many senior officials in the Mumbai Police have told the Indian Express that many of his speeches are objectionable in nature and ‘capable of influencing vulnerable minds’.

After the terror attack in Nice, speaking via Skype Naik told reporters that it was wrong to kill innocent people, but it is allowed in Islam as a war tactic. Naik, however, agreed to cooperate with Indian authorities, if approached.

Pointing out certain statements that Goswami had reportedly made during his weekly night news show ‘The NewsHour’ that broadcasts on the Times Now channel, he has been asked to ‘furnish in writing’ the evidence based on which he made his statements.

Goswami has also been asked to withdraw his remarks, tender an unconditional apology to Naik and eventually pay a sum of Rs 500 crores for causing Naik ‘mental trauma and agony.’

Naik’s notice read, “My client states that without verifying facts and without having any positive and/or cogent evidence in support, you have recklessly and callously, with deliberate and malicious intention made and published on the television the aforesaid false, defamatory and damaging remarks against my client, which have severely harmed my client’s impeccable reputation.”

Naik is currently in Saudi Arabia. The government has currently kept the Mumbai-based televangelist under scanner after the Dhaka terror attack that left 22 dead. One of the attackers was allegedly influenced by Naik’s sermons on Islam. The Bangladesh government subsequently banned Naik’s Peace TV from broadcasting in the country.

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