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Swiggy presents ‘PLATE DATE’ to tickle your heartstrings

Swiggy presents ‘PLATE DATE’ to tickle your heartstrings


Swiggy presents ‘PLATE DATE’ to tickle your heartstrings

Food order history and preferences are the new age filter to find your ideal match. Making your task easier is Swiggy’s ‘Plate Date’ – a YouTube property, produced by OML, where food plays cupid.

India-wide Release, 30th November 2022: Nothing breaks the ice better than food and it’s even better when your delicious choices align! In the current digital era of swipe right and swipe left, who has the time for an app hoping to find that perfect date? Enter, Swiggy – India’s leading food ordering and delivery platform. Picking on a very relatable insight that food preferences are a great judge of a person, Swiggy is dishing out a snacky and engaging YouTube property called the ‘PLATE DATE’.

Produced by leading media and entertainment agency, OML Entertainment, with this property, Swiggy is helping singles find their date using their food preferences, one order at a time. The show sets up blind dates between singles and allows them to connect with their ideal match by bonding over their Swiggy orders.

Every episode features one protagonist and four contenders, engaging in conversations around their favourite food picks and restaurants. From comfort food to revenge food, from first-date dishes to midnight cravings. If their food horoscope matches, then voila! They have their date!

The episodes are divided into three fun segments – the first one is called ‘Order Order’, the second one is titled ‘Let’s Ketchup’, and the third is ‘Plating The Date’. Each segment takes the stakes higher and is guaranteed to make the audience stay hooked to see which person makes it to the final PLATE DATE.

“The idea was to produce and plate a piece of snackable content that strikes a chord with one and all, especially the younger audiences. Rooted in an insight that hits home instantly – food connects people, ‘Plate Date’ is a fun blend of real people, real conversations, real connections while keeping Swiggy at the core of it,” said Devarshi Shah, Sr VP & Business Head- Branded Content Division, OML Entertainment.

 Saurabh Nath, AVP – Brand Marketing, Swiggy says, “Serving millions of users every month, Swiggy believes that food habits can be a fun way to gauge who you really are. Combining this love for food with dating, Swiggy created a new series called Plate Date that’s very exciting and relatable to millennials and Gen Z. This series brings together food-loving strangers and lets them decide on who they’d date based on their food ordering history, and nothing else. It ensures a lot of light banter and an insightful understanding of a stranger basis what they love to eat”

OML Entertainment is a leading media and entertainment company that was established solely for talent management. However, over the years, it has evolved into a full-fledged media and entertainment organisation. With the production of this show, OML places greater emphasis on creator-led marketing and yet again proves how brand synergies can actually shine.

Watch the first episode here:

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