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Experian Empowers Growth in India with the Appointment of Manish Jain as Country Managing Director

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Experian Empowers Growth in India with the Appointment of Manish Jain as Country Managing Director

Experian, the global information services giant specializing in decisioning, data analytics, and technology, has announced the appointment of Manish Jain as its Country Managing Director for Experian India. The move underscores Experian’s commitment to fortifying its leadership team with seasoned professionals to navigate the complexities of the evolving Indian market.

Manish Jain

Bringing over two and a half decades of experience in financial services and technology, Manish Jain is positioned to steer Experian’s operations in India towards new heights. His extensive track record in driving business growth, fostering innovation, and leveraging technology aligns seamlessly with Experian’s mission to empower businesses and consumers with data-driven insights.

Before joining Experian, Manish spearheaded transformative initiatives in global organizations, ensuring sustainable business expansion. His exceptional ability to navigate complex markets and deep understanding of industry trends positions him as a key player in driving Experian’s continued growth in India.

As the former Co-Founder and CEO of Excelrate, Manish Jain advised organizations on growth strategies and implemented large-scale plans in the banking industry to expedite the realization of revenue goals. His leadership roles in the credit bureau industry for over 12 years solidify his reputation as a thought leader, earning recognition for driving growth and innovation.

Malin Holmberg, CEO of APAC and EMEA at Experian, expressed enthusiasm about Manish Jain’s appointment, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Manish Jain to augment Experian’s operations in India. We are confident that under his guidance, Experian will enhance its ability to provide market-leading solutions to our clients. His passion for leveraging technology to address business challenges aligns perfectly with Experian’s mission to harness the power of data to drive positive outcomes and transform lives.”

Upon his appointment, Manish Jain conveyed his excitement, stating, “I am excited to join Experian and honored with the prospects of partnering with the industry in shaping India’s credit ecosystem, enabling individuals, businesses, and the country’s aspirations. I look forward to leading the talented team at Experian to drive meaningful impact for our clients and the community at large.”

In his role as the Country Managing Director, Manish will spearhead Experian’s strategic initiatives, drive business growth, and cultivate strong partnerships with clients and stakeholders. His influence will be pivotal in shaping Experian’s future in India, playing a crucial role in facilitating financial inclusion and empowering businesses and individuals alike.

Experian’s focus on strengthening its leadership team comes at a time when the Indian market is experiencing dynamic shifts in the financial and technological landscape. Manish Jain’s appointment signifies a strategic move to capitalize on his expertise and leadership acumen to navigate these challenges and position Experian as a key player in India’s burgeoning information services sector.

In conclusion, Experian’s choice of Manish Jain as the Country Managing Director for India reflects the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in a rapidly evolving market. As Manish takes the helm, the industry can expect to witness strategic initiatives, technological advancements, and a renewed focus on driving positive outcomes through data-driven solutions in the Indian landscape.

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