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Synersoft develops tech to lower cloud subscription costs for MSMEs

Synersoft develops technology to lower cloud subscription costs for MSMEs


Synersoft develops tech to lower cloud subscription costs for MSMEs

Synersoft Technologies, a leading Indian IT product company, has developed a technology that can save 80 per cent of the yearly cloud subscription costs for MSMEs. It is an MSME-focused innovation catching the attention of the MSMEs who feel that cloud companies first give free services and then increase the subscription fees exorbitantly. MSMEs are expected to invest in Information Security and Data Protection systems for their MNC customers. 

They are also obliged to IT security compliances and audits. Subscribing to multiple cloud services, installing multiple cloud agent software, integrating them effectively, and maintaining them is too complex and expensive for MSMEs, says Sudhir Chaubey, co-founder at Synersoft.

With increasing importance given to cybersecurity, readiness for information security and data protection compliance is mandatory for MSMEs to retain their large MNC and Indian enterprise customers. It has led MSMEs to subscribe to multiple cloud services and added overhead of yearly costs. These services are Cloud Drives, Cloud Backup, DLP, Device Hardening, and Mailbox. The trend of increasing subscription rates by cloud service providers led by Google and Microsoft-led MSMEs to look for simple and cost-effective cloud technologies that can make them compliant with global information security and data protection standards. This emerging situation prompted us to notice the massive requirement from the MSME sector for a simple and cost-effective solution.

A standard cloud deployment includes a subscription to multiple cloud services and the installation of cloud agents. It makes it complex and expensive for MSMEs. Their technology BLACKbox OneCloud – One Agent, One Cloud service –  saves 80 per cent of the subscription cost, says Vishal Shah, Co-Founder at Synersoft.

Further, the MSMEs recognize significant intangible benefits from the BLACKbox OneCloud solution, like hassle-free to subscribe to multiple cloud services or dealing with multiple vendors and no need for multiple agents on the user’s system and availability of no-cost EMI options with credit card payments.

Synersoft is the maker of path-breaking and disruptive technology for SMEs. It is one of the very few Indian companies, with Indian products which are solely focused on Small and Medium Enterprises of India, which are the largest employment generators for the Indian economy and largest contributors to Indian GDP. Technologies developed by Synersoft are aimed at minimizing IT infrastructure costs for SMEs, and enhancing their competitiveness with state-of-the-art IT standardization. These solutions focus on data preservation, data security, fraud mitigation, and software license cost minimization.

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