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Ulipsu, India’s first OTT-like multi-potential learning platform

Ulipsu, India's first OTT-like multi-potential learning platform


Ulipsu, India’s first OTT-like multi-potential learning platform

Ulipsu, India’s first multipotential OTT-like learning platform, which recently raised $1.5 million in funding from angel investors, is all set to register an approximate annual revenue of 250 crores by 2025.

The platform currently has 1 lakh paid subscribers and is expected to hit 1 million in the next two years. On a mission to ‘democratize learning’, Ulipsu is inspiring young minds to learn as per their wishes, with courses spanning across 15+ skills, from music to art & craft, yoga to life skills, STEM projects to artificial intelligence, and many more, all with a single subscription. With the international foray on the cards, the product portfolio is expected to diversify to meet the market requirements and increase the offering to 660+ courses by June 2023

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Ulipsu was launched in 2022 when the passive screen time’ for children was significantly high, a trend that started during the pandemic. With a mission to create a healthy relationship with screens, Ulipsu came up with a solution that converts passive screen time into active time with age-appropriate, engaging learning content. The technologically driven-gamified content that Ulipsu offers helps children grasp better, ensuring an effective and comprehensive learning process.

Optimistic about the robust growth plans, Sumanth Prabhu, the CEO and Co-Founder of Ulipsu, said, “Amidst the growing demand for academic learning in the market, Ulipsu was born out of the idea to empower children with freedom of learning as per their wish whether academic or non-academic. This positioning coupled with technology and an affordable subscription rate has allowed Ulipsu to gain immense interest and positive response from the market. Our growth plans are aligned with the ever-changing trends of the learning market across the globe, and we are determined to remain relevant in the minds of consumers.”

Nikhil Bhaskar, the CTO and co-founder of Ulipsu, said. “We believe that the quality and ingenuity of the product drive growth in any business. Hence, our constant effort is to strengthen the product portfolio with a focus on technology-driven gamified content. By the next two years, we will be able to introduce innumerable new features and reinforce the existing ones, which will offer today’s young minds a unique opportunity to access infinite potential.

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