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Hero Vired’s Educational Revolution Takes Center Stage in Disney+ Hotstar’s ‘The Indian EdTech Story’

Indian EdTech Story


Hero Vired’s Educational Revolution Takes Center Stage in Disney+ Hotstar’s ‘The Indian EdTech Story’

Hero Vired, a leading LearnTech startup by the Hero Group, is featured prominently in Disney+ Hotstar’s latest documentary series, ‘The Indian EdTech Story,’ which premiered nationwide today. Produced by Edstead, the series shines a light on Hero Vired’s significant impact in revolutionizing education and making it more accessible and affordable for millions of students across India.

The documentary portrays Hero Vired’s commitment to enhancing educational experiences and highlights its profound influence on the learning journeys of countless individuals nationwide. By focusing on the positive contributions of the edtech sector, the series delves into the challenges faced and the milestones achieved, showcasing how the sector continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education in India.

Shekhar Bhattacharjee, Founder of Edstead, shared his thoughts on the series, saying, “The objective behind producing this series was to showcase the transformation of education into an affordable and accessible realm for millions. The series captures the highs and lows of the edtech sector while emphasizing its ongoing commitment to creating a positive impact.”

In the documentary, Akshay Munjal, the Founder & CEO of Hero Vired, discusses the vision behind the company’s inception, driven by the need to address the challenges faced by deserving graduates in securing employment. Hero Vired was born out of the realization of the gap in accessibility to quality education in India and the evolving demands of the job market. The core mission of Hero Vired is to empower individuals to acquire skills that will remain relevant in the evolving job landscape of the future. Mr. Munjal also highlights the crucial role of emerging technologies in shaping the future job market and Hero Vired’s commitment to preparing learners for this transition.

“India is a reservoir of talent, and its demographic dividend, with the world’s youngest population, should be leveraged to the fullest. At Hero Vired, we aim to empower individuals to embrace change and become architects of their own success. The timing of this series is perfect, aligning with the growing momentum of the Indian Edtech sector, poised to emerge as a global leader. It is a testament to the relentless efforts shaping the landscape of educational technology in India. With unwavering conviction, I believe India has the potential to become the capital of Edtech worldwide,” remarks Akshay Munjal, emphasizing the importance of empowering youth with relevant skills and opportunities.

The documentary also features the stories of two Hero Vired alumni, Shivanshu Pandey and Jenny, who credit Hero Vired’s courses for transforming their careers. Shivanshu attributes his success as a developer to Hero Vired’s Full Stack Development course, which equipped him with essential soft and hard skills. Jenny recounts how Hero Vired’s Certificate Program in Gaming and Esports helped her turn her passion into a successful career as the world’s first apex legend predator player.

Through its prominent feature in ‘The Indian EdTech Story’ series, Hero Vired’s journey serves as an inspiration, highlighting the organization’s commitment to quality education and its lasting impact on India’s EdTech landscape.

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