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Youth Advocates Rally for Responsible Pet Ownership and Humane Animal Welfare Policies

Over 1,000 Young Voices Rally for Responsible Pet Ownership and Humane Animal Welfare Policies


Youth Advocates Rally for Responsible Pet Ownership and Humane Animal Welfare Policies

Over 1,000 young advocates have rallied under the ‘Zigly Youth For Paws’ movement, spearheaded by Zigly, India’s first tech-enabled omni-channel pet care brand by Cosmo First Limited. These dedicated volunteers, known as Ziglers, have come together to voice their support for responsible pet ownership and humane animal welfare policies, marking a significant milestone with 1,000 signatures on a petition addressing breed-specific legislation.

The movement emerged in response to the government’s recent decision to withdraw its proposed ban on certain dog breeds. In a thoughtful and constructive letter addressed to Parshottam Rupala, India’s Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying, the youth advocates welcomed the rollback of the breed-specific ban. However, they urged Minister Rupala to consider alternative measures that ensure public safety while promoting the humane treatment of animals.

Advocating for Education Over Bans

The Ziglers’ letter emphasizes the importance of educational campaigns over punitive measures. They argue that targeting specific breeds fails to address the underlying issues of irresponsible pet ownership. Instead, the advocates propose comprehensive educational initiatives that focus on mandatory licensing, microchipping, and proper animal care and handling. By educating the public on these aspects, they believe it is possible to enhance public safety without unfairly penalizing certain breeds.

Yamini Jaipuria, Managing Trustee of the Zigly Foundation, highlighted the need for a holistic approach. “Punitive measures against specific breeds only perpetuate misunderstandings and fail to address the root causes of irresponsible pet ownership. We must embrace a holistic approach that fosters public safety while upholding the well-being of all animals through evidence-based policies and education,” she said.

Youth Engagement in Policy Making

The Zigly Youth For Paws movement is a testament to the increasing involvement of India’s youth in shaping compassionate and responsible policies. The young advocates have shown a willingness to collaborate with policymakers in crafting regulations that prioritize both public safety and ethical treatment of animals. Their approach is grounded in evidence-based policies that consider the complexities of animal welfare.

Anika Choudhary, one of the volunteers, articulated the collective sentiment, “The ban on 23 dog breeds perpetuates harmful stereotypes. We urge the government to recognize that any dog, given proper care and socialization, can be a loving companion. Breed-specific bans are unjust and overlook the true issue of irresponsible pet ownership.”

A Constructive Path Forward

The Ziglers’ letter to Minister Rupala is not just a critique but a constructive proposal. They call for the implementation of educational campaigns that inform the public about responsible pet ownership. These campaigns would cover critical areas such as the benefits of mandatory licensing and microchipping, and the importance of proper animal care and handling. By focusing on education, the youth advocates believe that more effective and humane policies can be developed.

A Broader Impact

The efforts of the Zigly Youth For Paws movement highlight the broader impact of youth involvement in policy advocacy. Their actions demonstrate how constructive dialogue and collaboration between citizens and policymakers can drive positive change. The movement underscores the importance of balancing public safety with ethical considerations in animal welfare policies.

The Zigly Youth For Paws initiative also aligns with global trends in animal welfare advocacy, where there is a growing recognition of the need for evidence-based, humane approaches to policy making. By drawing on reputable sources and advocating for nuanced policies, the youth movement in India is contributing to this global discourse.

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