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Oktoberfest Goa – An Electronica Gala


Oktoberfest Goa – An Electronica Gala


Oktober Fest Goa

Crowds at Oktoberfest Goa

Oktoberfest  Goa – An Electronica Gala


The festival that kicks off Goa’s music festival season this year will be the third edition of Oktoberfest Goa, an opportunity for you to kick off your shoes and go crazy with abandon.  The international line-up for the festival has been announced and there is much to look forward to. In a festival that will go on for three days from October 25 to October 27, over 30 national and international acts will be performing followed by parties at Goa’s attractive night spots.

John Dahlback

John Dahlback











Headlining the act on October 25 will be John Dahlback and Marco V. Marco V is a Dutch DJ reputed to kick up a storm with his gigs, and has worked on remixes with the like of Madonna, James Blunt, Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent in the past. John Dahlback’s latest release Mutants received a lot of critical acclaim, being broadcast on 27 radio stations worldwide. He’s done remixes for mainstream stars like Alanis Morissette’s Underneath.


Marcel Woods

Marcel Woods


The second day of the fest will see Yves V and seasoned performer Marcel Woods on stage. Yyes V has produced remixes for Missy Elliot, Timbaland, Ian Carey among others.  Marcel has been playing quality music in the scene for some time now, and having performed at gigs the world over, this Dutch musician got together the epic compilation Musical Madness 4.


The Oktoberfest will also feature a long list of bands who play and are known for their electronica acts like  91 degrees, Usman , Akshit Shetty , Amit , Ankytrixx , Ash Roy , Beat 2 , Clement, Denzil, Ivan , Jay , Joel, Ketan, Lasker, Ma Faiza, Navin, Mash, Priyanjana, Rinton, Ryan Nogar, Shy O, Su Edits and Usman.


The fest is going to also have several pre and after parties in places like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Goa and Bangalore. Emulating the original Oktoberfest, this one is also going to be a food and beverage gala with over 15 varieties of beer being made available at the venue and cuisines from all over the world. Himanshu Anand, Festival Director Oktoberfest Goa says, “Music, Goa and Beer make the perfect combination to celebrate an Oktoberfest. Our aim is to create a space as close as possible to the original Oktoberfest – with the beer, the food and the spirit of course. We plan to keep in mind the current music scenario and ride the wave of EDM in the country bringing to the audience some of the leading names in electronica from across the world.” Catch up with all the action at the Nazri grounds in Goa and kickstart the season.





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