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Trak N Tell launches Watchman vehicle security feature

The feature will be initially launched on Android based smartphones, an iOS version is expected to be launched soon

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Trak N Tell launches Watchman vehicle security feature

Trak N Tell has launched its Watchman vehicle security feature on its app across Android smartphones. The Gurgaon-based Information Technology services platform providing vehicle telematics solutions will remotely upgrade the feature across all Intelli7 devices so that existing customers can use it.

Commenting on the new feature, Pranshu Gupta, Founder & CEO, Trak N Tell said, “This feature is quite akin to a colony guard knocking on one’s door to inform them about any security issues, in this case, issues related to the customer’s car, and arrange for necessary action to resolve the same.”

The Trak N Tell app currently has an ‘Ignition on’ notification for whenever the car, connected to the smartphone, is turned on. However, this is not sufficient for alerting customers in actual emergencies. When enabled, the Watchman feature transforms one’s smartphone into an alarm clock – enabling real-time notifications.

Pranshu added, “We are confident that ‘Watchman’ will prove to be an effective car security feature for all vehicle owners in the country, significantly alleviating any vehicular security threats to a great extent.”

After a successful beta testing, the ‘Watchman’ feature is now ready for launch. Currently it is available only on Android based smartphones and the iOS version is expected to be launched very soon.

Ritu Gupta, Co-founder & COO, Trak N Tell adds, “We are confident that this feature will prove to be immensely successful among vehicle owners, fulfilling our aim of revolutionizing the conventional outlook of Telematics in the Indian market.”

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