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Ola fires 250 people, cites non-performance

Ola fires 250 people, cites non-performance


Ola fires 250 people, cites non-performance

Employees continue to face the brunt of cut throat competition, the startup ecosystem is experiencing at the moment. The latest to join the bandwagon were 250 people Ola has fired from its workforce citing non-performance and other issues.

An Ola spokesperson said, “An annual attrition of 3-4 per cent is a natural churn that is witnessed in the current industry scenario. This includes performance driven exits, contract roles as well as a few surfacing from constant business realignment.”

This lay off comes amidst the fierce rivalry, the Bangalore-based company is currently facing against Uber in the race to be the market leader in the Indian market.

The spokesperson also added in the statement that these have been “well thought through” organizational decisions, and has been taken keeping in mind the best interests of employees and business efficiency.

The company, however, said it also intends to hire employees across various cities.

“At the same time, we continue to hire the best of talent from across the country with over 300 open positions currently, to strengthen our 6,000-plus strong team in 102 cities, pan-India,” he added.

Ola has recently been on a sacking spree. It has been only weeks when the company had shut down its $200 million acquired Taxiforsure operations after 18 months rendering 700 employees jobless.

Ola had said it has integrated all the operations of Taxiforsure into Ola.

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