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Facebook & Twitter taught You to Follow, It's time it helps you Carpool – Odd Even Friends!

Delhi Air Pollution - Odd Even Scheme


Facebook & Twitter taught You to Follow, It's time it helps you Carpool – Odd Even Friends!

I think it’s high time we accept that we all (well most) have a forked tongue. We have double standards. We never practice what we preach something we pretend to stand by. If that weren’t the case why would anyone question the Delhi Government’s ODD-EVEN Scheme? If we can celebrate Environment Day why can’t we celebrate Odd –Even Fortnight?

I don’t have a quarrel with anyone, I am not into politics, and I am not an admirer of the Delhi Government or the Central government. I am not even a great influential writer. All I wish to touch upon is logic.

Now talking about a lot of average people like me (nobodies) around, they get fooled easily. After all Facebook, Twitter has taught us well about the business of following. So they just simply follow.

But then there are many (somebodies) not to say they aren’t foolish but definitely evil. Now let us talk in the language many on the majoritarian government members would understand –

Lord Krishna to Arjun “Do your Duty without thinking about the outcome” Belief in good Karma.

So why won’t they just support the Delhi government in an initiative, which of course is highly debatable, could possibly miserably fail but then there is that probability of success. What are the central government and many voices that represent it worried about? Is it credit to Modi? Is it only about Politics? Is it only about running down Kejriwal?

Talking about Facebook & Twitter and more – Guys you have so many FRaaand…Requests, many of them are your so-called friends. Your friend lists are always buzzing, they like your skimpy pics, drunken moments, happy moments, otherwise personal family moments, and then why can’t they just like you and get you to hop in as you share a carpool? Maybe this can be a great social experiment, finding the ODD-EVEN friends. I will leave it at that.

To say the least, I personally was never in support of this initiative but as time passed, I agree with one thing that something needs to be done. I heard the Delhi Government (on a not so noisy TV channel) acknowledging that they themselves don’t know if this will succeed but all they are doing is trying and experimenting.

What do you think this experiment will lead to? Is Kejriwal becoming PM? Where is politics in this? No, I don’t think so. All its success would do is better air for Delhiites to breathe and if it fails you go back to breathing the same air you have been breathing so far. So what’s the fuss when all you can do is gain?

Picture courtesy: Financial Express

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