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UniScholars and ObserveNow Shape the Future of Study Abroad Ecosystem in Mumbai Roundtable

Study Abroad Ecosystem


UniScholars and ObserveNow Shape the Future of Study Abroad Ecosystem in Mumbai Roundtable

In a groundbreaking initiative, UniScholars, a leading student mobility platform, partnered with ObserveNow to host the Higher Education Leaders Roundtable on January 19th in Mumbai. This event gathered prominent figures from the education sector to deliberate on “Fostering an Enhanced Study Abroad Ecosystem,” signaling a pivotal moment in influencing the future of Indian students in global education.

Held at The Sofitel, the roundtable saw the participation of Dr. Monica Kennedy, Minister-Counsellor, Commercial and Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner from the Australian Government, and representatives from esteemed institutions such as the University of Mumbai, St. Xavier’s College, K. J. Somaiya, NMIMS, and more. Amit Singh, Founder of UniScholars, led the discussion, focusing on evolving trends in international education, strategies for enhancing study abroad programs, global competency development, the increasing interest of Indian talent abroad, and overcoming financial barriers through scholarships and funding initiatives.

UniScholars and ObserveNow RoundTable

Key Highlights:

Bridging Industry-Academia Gap: The importance of strengthening connections between industry and academia was underscored to enhance educational outcomes.

Industry-Tech Incubation Collaboration: Exploring the vital role of collaborations in boosting educational, career, and employability outcomes.

Study Abroad Potentials: Emphasizing the vast opportunities study abroad programs offer for career and research development.

Quality Education and Research Opportunities: Exploring the significance of study abroad programs in providing quality education and ample research opportunities.

National Education Policy Praise: Participants applauded the Government of India’s National Education Policy as a valuable framework for academic institutions.

The discussion delved into the necessity of assisting students in adopting innovative courses in tech & AI, entrepreneurship/management studies, preparing them for the evolving demands of the global landscape and enhancing their job prospects in the Indian and international market.

Reflecting on the successful event, Amit Singh expressed, “The roundtable wasn’t just a discussion; it was a collective vision for the future of international education, particularly for Indian students. We at UniScholars envision a world where boundaries blur, education becomes a transformative force, and students evolve with a global perspective.”

Coming from a finance background, Amit emphasized, “Understanding the significance of meticulous planning, especially in the realm of international education, we aspire to be facilitators of countless dreams that often face the hurdle of financial constraints. Our goal is to pave the way for thousands of students to pursue their aspirations abroad without financial barriers hindering their journey.”

The roundtable encapsulated a shared commitment to innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity, paving the way for a future where international education transcends traditional confines. UniScholars envisions organizing similar events in the future, further strengthening the bond between Indian institutions and fostering innovation in international education.

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