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Home décor startup KraftInn raises undisclosed amount in seed round

home décor startup KraftInn raises undisclosed amount in seed round

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Home décor startup KraftInn raises undisclosed amount in seed round

KraftInn a home décor startup has raised an undisclosed amount in a SEED round from NEDFi Venture Capital Ltd. (NVCL), through its North East Venture Fund. The fundraising by KraftInn has highlighted the very fact that the home décor sector is growing at a rapid pace. In addition to this, it is evident that the Indian startup ecosystem has not just recovered from the pandemic effect, but has also set a record this year.

KraftInn as a brand is empowering the transition of home décor products towards nature-friendly options that are crafted out of sustainable materials including Bamboo, Water Hyacinth, and Cane, helping reverse climate change.

“Climate change is one of the most pertinent issues of our generation and home décor companies need to change how we make things. We aspire to be India’s largest direct-to-customer sustainable home décor brand. We would like to thank NVCL for placing its trust in our vision. We would also like to thank NEATEHUB for investing their support and faith in our model,” said Parikshit Borkotoky, CO-Founder, KraftInn.

“Our approach is to directly reach out to the target customers, and build a digitally native brand. In addition to this, we closely work with the customers to understand their preferences and habits in the real-time. This equips us with the required understanding that goes into building the new products. Our approach is our key USP,” said Pramathesh Borkotoky, CO-Founder, KraftInn.

“The Company fits the NEVF objective of promoting scalable start-ups in the North-East Region especially, as the Company is working in the traditional craft space but has developed a model which is likely to help scale at a faster rate with the potential to place itself as major player in the eco-friendly home decor space,” said Shri PVSLN Murty, CMD NEDFi & Chairman NVCL.

The company intends to utilize the funds in expanding its inventory and designs. The startup will also utilize a part of the raised investment in strengthening the marketing, sales, and distribution teams.

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Headquartered in Jorhat, Assam, KraftInn Home Décor India Pvt Ltd, is a company which aspires to be a vertically integrated sustainable Home Décor company. The company tries to blend the traditional designs, weaves, patterns, material and processes with modern designs, materials, processes etc and manufacture home decor products which have the traditional taste of the region but are very contemporary to modern times. The company was founded by Parikshit Borkotoky, and Pramathesh Borkotoky in 2015. The brand offers an array of offerings including lamps, storage utilities, garden accessories, home accessories, office accessories. Its product line spans across 6 categories, 50+ products.

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