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GoodWorker forms joint venture with Sonu Sood and Schoolnet with Rs 250 cr

GoodWorker forms joint venture with Sonu Sood and Schoolnet with Rs 250 cr
GoodWorker has collaborated with actor Sonu Sood and Schoolnet through a joint venture with an initial investment of Rs 250 crore.

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GoodWorker forms joint venture with Sonu Sood and Schoolnet with Rs 250 cr

GoodWorker has collaborated with actor Sonu Sood and Schoolnet, through a joint venture, with an initial investment of Rs 250 crore. The partnership is expected to complement the Government’s initiatives to spur economic growth, create employment opportunities and support inclusive development through the use of technology at scale.

The digital job matching platform aims to reach 10 crore Indians by providing access to good jobs and career progression through upskilling services, followed by financial, healthcare and social security services. This will also help employers in recruiting and retaining verified blue-collar workers which will result in productivity gains, improved profitability and sustainable operations. GoodWorker uses decentralized technology to provide workers and their families with digital identities and verifiable credentials. The workers will have greater control of their data, and improved access to employment opportunities and life empowering services.

Pradyumna Agrawal, Board Member of GoodWorker, said the cutting-edge technology that the platform brings will allow businesses in India to effectively expand their operations by finding the right talent. He pointed out that it will also allow workers to have control over their data while widening access to digital products and services. “With digital transformation accelerating against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, GoodWorker’s investment reflects our optimism towards trends in India that are underpinned by technology and digitalization.”

RCM Reddy and KK Iyer, Board Members of Schoolnet, highlighted that Schoolnet as a market leader in education and skilling services, reaching more than one crore studentsm youth and enterprises, along with its deep domain knowledge and execution track record, is uniquely positioned to realize this mission of creating a community of an empowered blue-collar workforce.

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Sonu Sood is renowned for his philanthropic services for migrant workers during the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown, said the partnership will help in realizing his dream of providing a better life and securing livelihood for millions of youth. “I am fortunate to partner with this socially relevant technology platform as it helps institutionalize and scale Pravasi Rojgar’s humanitarian efforts.” Pravasi Rojgar is a job portal which was launched by the actor and Schoolnet in July 2020 to support migrant workers. It has onboarded 10 lakh job seekers. This platform’s aim is to provide employment opportunities to job seekers in the skill-based work sector, linking youth to companies for entry-level jobs and providing mentor support in helping them through the entire journey.

GoodWorker provides blue-collar workers with a digital, verifiable profile to empower them to more efficiently seek employment. It also enables employers to have full confidence in the authenticity of employment credentials presented by potential employees.

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