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Context Aware P2P Protocol, MOI, brings new dynamics to Web3

World’s first Context Aware P2P Protocol, MOI, brings new dynamics to Web3

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Context Aware P2P Protocol, MOI, brings new dynamics to Web3

My Own Internet (MOI), a personalized Web3 internet protocol, is focused on driving web3 development and adoption to new heights with their path-breaking IP, Interaction State Machine (ISM), allowing participation at Layer 0.

MOI is a global network that enables sustainable transactions across millions of decentralized nodes and billions of transactions in an interoperable network. With hyper parallelism mechanism, complete user ownership and personalization, cross platform transfers of digital assets, data storage, and web2 to web3 migration processes, this ecosystem is highly efficient for users and developers alike.

A primary offering of Sarva Labs, a deeptech web3 startup focused on simplifying digital interactions through emerging technologies such as blockchain and AI, MOI is forging a path towards a pioneering user-centric consensus mechanism that will give the power back to the users in a simple and effective manner. With a human-centric sybil mechanism, MOI has introduced participant context  as a new dimension to computation and settling of transactions in distributed networks. This unique and fresh concept generates personalized value states, truly owned by the users, with a high degree of security and scalability.

The ISM based technology that powers  MOI  has facilitated a participant centric consensus mechanism and enables  Web3 networks  to shift focus from a programmatic and system oriented approach to user first model. With a strong community of 35K and 680+ global validators, MOI is steadily moving towards building a true P2P global internet that accommodates user needs and behavior along with having a sustainable, equitable, and scalable structure.

“We as a society have gotten complacent into the pervasiveness of intermediaries and the intermediated interactions and transactions. Today, with the rapid advancement of technology, we are steadily moving towards less personalization in our everyday interactions. This makes us insecure and lacks transparency. With MOI, our aim is to have a user centric future that is personalized, context aware, sustainable, and secure. Our focus through our 5 years of research and development was to create  a next generation technology that is foundationally human-centric, enables complete user ownership of assets and participation, and personalization  of digital networks in a simple, secure and sustainable way – as each user sees it. A confluence of next generation technologies leading us into a constantly connected and aware world.` Anantha Krishnan, CEO, Sarva Labs

Winners of the Building Future Cities Hackathon held in August 2022, organized by CoinSwitch Kuber, MOI is already supporting 15+ builders on its platform. They have also recently launched a holistic NFT platform, Mint Valley,  a personalized ecosystem for artists, creators, technologists to create, list, sell, and share digital assets. Additionally, they have launched their College Ambassador program to foster Web3 awareness, knowledge sharing, and mentorship to ensure continued augmentation of the sector and support the resultant innovations.

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