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5 reasons-why you chose to travel

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5 reasons-why you chose to travel

A travel plan is always cumbersome in its detailing, and loaded with a mission to whet your appetite in one short journey. Add to it the family flavor, and you really have a mission to take charge of. One is left to contemplate, lost in his/her own thoughts, that should we go for it.

Is it really duty away from home, or just a fad to escape the monotony and learn to enjoy the never seen before (not always literally)-experience with your loved ones. In the end, it surely seems like an effort to say, yes I have a right!

Please! more to travel—-

  1. Still trying to escape the monotony? You live in and out, with the boredom of your routine. Trying to make an escape to the beautiful landscapes of a hill station, will of course not mean anything drastic. Yet, you may feel the positive energy of rejuvenating your mind to everything new, absorbing it, and sharing memories of this bit of time with closed ones
  2. Learn to unlearn when you plan to travel. Nothing more serious than changing your long acquired habits of over sleeping or under eating, just for a brief period (during a short journey). Travel weekends are not bed ridden, but full of life and energy. Be a part of the local glittery, or a local cultural evening
  3. Most common is escaping the extreme weather of your native place. People even love to travel in winters to a cold place, or just to enjoy the sunshine in a beach area. It’s a scenic delight to feel the sunshine and soak in the heat, which goes unnoticed in the routine
  4. Mingle with the local people during a short or long journey, trying to understand their culture and habits. It is interesting to note how each one of us can be different from others. Some might leave a long lasting impression, to affect your own lifestyle
  5. Plan spends appropriately. A long journey can be full of surprises, with many things to be done at the last moment. Just plan your journey along the local flavour and save the energy to discover something new

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