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Tips to capture great photos on your holiday!



Tips to capture great photos on your holiday!

A holiday today is incomplete without pictures documenting every moment, every destination and every emotion.  Pictures are pennies for the memory bank. A picture lasts forever and is a time machine which will take you back in time every time you wish to take a breather from the daily hustle bustle of life. You’re not required to be a pro photographer to click pictures when on a vacation.

Here are some easy tips –

    • Be the storyteller: Every joyous moment, peaceful moment with nature deserves to be captured. Build a story!
    • Try Focus: Haphazard subjects and clicking anything and everything will overburden the picture and your mind in this digital age where every click can be reviewed instantly
    • Landscapes Matter: Sunsets, Sunrises, full-moon, full-sun, snow, etc. are always a thumbs-up and if shot well can be breathtaking.
    • Watch the light: Dull pictures will only tell a dull tale. Insufficient lighting will overlay actual colors of the subject. Look for natural or artificial light to glam up those snaps.

  • Take a lot of pictures: Not every picture will be perfect. Clicking a lot of pictures will give you options to choose from – any camera phone, digital camera with SD cards have one thing for sure i.e. Memory
  • Shoot candid: Candid photos can be blissful. They’ll take you back in time whenever you’ll look at them. They have an extra element of emotions captured to last forever
  • Be Selfiesh: When on a holiday, you cannot afford to miss taking selfies, #selfie on the beach; #selfie on the mountain peak, #selfie with a tiger, #selfie with nature. Just go ‘selfieish.’
  • No blurs, please! Blur pictures are bad pictures; you are not capturing modern art, you are documenting the time of your lives.
  • Filter it: Filters can sometimes be great; they give a nice dimension to the perfect snap

Now that you have known the cheats to click great pictures so go ahead and say cheeeeese…

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